I already got $140,000. You show me this!Where’s the beauty we talked about?

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In the quiet of night, a man can only brush his mobile phone to relieve loneliness. Suddenly a seemingly casual brush to the porn website let him come to the “sexual interest” he thought: anyway, no one knows, simply play a bit of stimulation!But I never thought…At 00:20 on December 28, zhou, a resident of Wuhua District, Kunming City, saw a pornographic website when he logged into his browser on his mobile phone.He found an APP called ‘GoLove’ on the site, which described its function as a booty call.Looking for a “thrill”, Zhou downloaded the APP.He was later befriended by someone nicknamed “receptor-Coco” on the APP, who posted pictures of beautiful women and told him he had to be certified as a member before he could meet in the city for sex.Then the other party sent a wechat payment code, let him scan the code to pay the membership registration fee.Zhou scanned the QR code and transferred 108 yuan to the other party’s wechat account.Since then, someone nicknamed “X-love Specialist mona” has added Zhou and drawn him into a group of chats.”In the group chat, they asked me to do data clicking and then arrange a date with a woman.”Believing what he was told, Zhou did as he was told, adding money to a platform sponsor’s function area in the APP and buying and selling virtual goods inside.Zhou mou more and more investment, a total of nearly 140,000 yuan recharge.”I saw that I had more than 200,000 dollars in my account, but when I tried to withdraw it, I had a problem and was told to continue transferring money in until I reached a certain amount…”Referring to what happened at that time, Zhou mou felt very oppressed.Fortunately, Zhou did not believe the other side of the story, chose to call the police.Anti-fraud police tip: to the network pornography services say “no”.Online prostitution itself is illegal, but now it has become a tool for swindlers to make profits: paying service fees, naked blackmail and inducing investment are its derivatives, once involved, both people and money will be empty.If suspected of telecom network fraud, please dial 110 or consult the police before remittance, we will help you identify the authenticity at any time!Color word head a knife please keep yourself clean do not seek for a “stimulus” to buy illegal services on the Internet and finally for everyone to send a “anti-fraud soul 8 ask” please remember in your heart to avoid being cheated