Linkou County People’s Court launched a series of publicity activities to prevent illegal fund-raising

2022-06-13 0 By

The Linkou County People’s Court held a press conference on preventing illegal fund-raising in order to enhance the ability of the masses to prevent illegal fund-raising and other financial risks and guide the masses to consciously stay away from illegal fund-raising on February 18.At the press conference, Chen Weishi, the head of the criminal tribunal, reported the recent linkou Court to prevent illegal fund-raising publicity activities and the next step of the work plan.And said that the prevention of illegal fund-raising is the current work always adhere to and pay attention to one of the work, and publicity and education as a cure is very key, to continue to increase publicity, and constantly improve the risk awareness of the people to prevent illegal fund-raising.After the release, the police will distribute publicity materials and on-site answers in crowded places to publicize the main forms of illegal fund-raising to the masses and how to prevent relevant knowledge, so as to improve the identification ability and awareness of illegal fund-raising.In the activity, the police issued more than 100 copies of related publicity materials to residents and answered more than 10 people’s inquiries.Linkou Court will continue to make full use of the court’s we-media publicity platform, enter the community to publicize the law, distribute brochures, interpret laws and policies, analyze typical cases and other ways to improve the universality and pertinence of publicity and education on the rule of law, and effectively improve the people’s ability to identify and prevention awareness.– the END —