Mitsubishi Pajero and Overlord 27 I finally chose Pajero!Why are you here?

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# Car Player Super Creation Day (issue 8)# Hello everyone!Speaking of Mitsubishi Pajero everyone should be no stranger, it has a very domboyant name in the off-road circle is called: “bobcat”.Why do people give it such a nickname?Because not only does it look very hard but it also has an excellent four-wheel drive superselection system.In previous years, he won the world Dakar Rally for seven consecutive times and stood on the grand champion stage of the world Dakar Rally for twelve times.That’s what sealed its place in the off-road world.Mitsubishi Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero in the country has been expropriated for a long time, its performance is there for all to see.What I got was a July 2014 car, a Mitsubishi Pajero V93.V93 is equipped with a 3.0V6 engine. It is a gold standard top version with two differential locks, electric seat heating, hunting sunroof, leather seats, adaptive cruise, large screen navigation, electric rearview mirror, 360 shadow, headlight cleaning and other configurations.Go on to the bully 27!Overlord 27 is definitely the big brother in the domestic cross-country circuit, and its older brother Landcruzna is also number one.Compared with The Overlord (Prado) 27 and Mitsubishi Pajero, overlord 27’s retention rate is much higher than pajero, and the market share is very high.But from an off-road point of view the Pajero V93 is much better than the Overbearing 277.For one thing, Pajero has two differential locks and an optional overdrive that switches at will, which the Overlord 277 doesn’t have.That’s why so many people chose pajero’s will.As someone who prefers power and off-road, I chose pajero’s V93, which is available in the 3.5 and 4.0 versions of the 2700.Pajero also has the more powerful V97 3.8.But in the case of the Overlord 277 and the Pajero V93, I chose the pajero V93 that I’m using now.Pajero V93 doesn’t have a lot of power and torque in terms of parameters, but when you actually drive the car you will feel that it has enough power, as long as you don’t have to do long mountain climbs or high-intensity off-road or desert rides.When you are off-road, the overselection system makes it very easy to switch. When you turn on the low-speed four-wheel drive and differential lock, the torque magnification is 1.9 times and the power is very good. This is my own experience.I came out of the camera, the off-road shot of the fuel consumption of the car again, because this is Pajero V93 is 3.0 displacement, so the fuel consumption will be much less than V97.My car gets around 14-15 in our city, around 12 in the country and out of town, and around 10-11 on the highway.As a six-cylinder 2.2 ton car such a fuel consumption IS acceptable to me, after all, it is a medium to large hard drive suv.The Overbearing 277 is a four-cylinder, 2.7-displacement engine, and pajero is better than power because the body and weight of the Overbearing 277 are here.Overbearing two seven fuel consumption in the city is relatively less about 13-14, high speed in about 12.So the fuel consumption of these two cars is about the same.In terms of line of sight, I personally feel that Pajero has better line of sight. I have driven pajero Overbearing, Wrangler and Panzer 300 suVs. In general, I feel that Pajero has better line of sight and sitting.You can compare this one if you have time.My car pajero V93 use as an off-road vehicle for each car has its strengths and its weaknesses, this should be based on each person’s use and like to choose it.Take Pajero for example. Pajero’s advantage is the dandy run to the Gobi desert and the long run across. That’s its advantage.And Baodao 27 I think most of the people who choose it or urban transport or business cooperation land is more, few people open Baodao 27 depth cross-country.So both of these cars have their advantages and disadvantages.Prado erqi resale value as the country for six emissions standards, pajero don’t improve more than ten years and it has now been discontinued and upgrading, the parallel import pajero car is not a lot, that is, the price of this one thing let pajero once-soaring premium ten, also follow new car used-car prices are also rising.Overbearing 27 keep value rate everybody has seen by all, popular on the net such a word: it can take you romantic, also can accompany you stage a comeback!This sentence is enough to explain the overbearing retention rate.But if the retention rate is high, that means the price of the used car is high but the price performance ratio is not high, the price of the used car is high.To sum up, both models are excellent cars, not only its warranty rate and its off-road ability are obvious to everyone.In these two car choice words my suggestion is pajero, no matter from the price point of view of pajero is much better than the Overbearing 27.From the line of sight configuration and power pajero is much stronger than the Overlord 27.This you can personally go to test drive, do not always look at the parameters.This is why I choose Pajero between the two, pajero gives you something very practical, in terms of off-road performance and comfort configuration and overall appearance I personally choose Pajero.Where there is a road, there is a Toyota, where there is no road, there is a Pajero!Thank you for reading and watching, you can communicate.