The way doctor mother takes care of baby is disliked, the great wisdom hidden inside is praised

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Her mother’s cousin is a medical student at 985 University. After getting her master’s degree, she went on to get a recommendation and continued to study for her doctorate.Graduation season, when others are still hard to find a job, around the wall, my cousin has to work in the best hospital in the provincial capital, got everyone admired iron rice bowl.My excellent cousin, however, is very bad at raising her children: she didn’t send her children to early education classes, and she didn’t take her children to whole-brain development. Since my niece was 2 years old, she took her to play with stickers and taught her nothing else.Cousin mother-in-law see in the eyes, anxious in the heart, repeatedly stressed: this is not the child.The family is also all kinds of dislike: in order to let the child win at the starting line, which parents are not all kinds of early education together?My cousin, however, let the child play blind every day, not only learn nothing, but also a waste of time.When friends and family say that my cousin’s books are useless, thinking that playing with a sticker will make my child smarter?It’s fantastic.However, after my niece went to kindergarten, her excellent performance was praised by the teacher.The teacher said that niece’s concentration is particularly good, sitting time is generally more than half an hour, you know, generally about 3 years old children, can focus on 10-15 minutes on distraction.In addition, my niece’s understanding ability is also outstanding among her peers. She learns things very fast. She can not only cooperate with the teacher’s explanation, but also reverse output and draw inferences from one example, which makes the teacher amazed.Not to mention, my niece’s ability to express herself, take care of herself, and analyze and summarize is also excellent.Generally just entered the kindergarten children, expression will be a little lack of buttons, toilet these behaviors also need the teacher to help.My niece, on the other hand, is very articulate and organized. She can not only finish her own work independently, but also change the way of communication according to the characteristics of different children.The most rare thing is, the teacher said that my niece showed some leadership at an early age, which is really rare, if the development goes on like this, my niece’s future achievements are unlimited.Everyone was shocked, have sighed: or the child’s mother’s way of education is good.Relatives rushed to learn lessons from my cousin.My cousin said that her niece’s outstanding performance is actually due to the child playing sticker games.Cousin’s secret why do you say so?My cousin explained it from the following three points: First, the age of 2 is the critical period for the development of concentration and memory, as well as the formation of logical induction and order, and the children’s sensitive period of action.Playing stickers can satisfy children’s psychological needs and hands-on desire at the same time, let children get a sense of achievement, establish self-confidence, further strengthen children’s concentration and memory, let children’s brain in high-speed operation to stimulate a greater potential.Secondly, the age of 2 is a sensitive period of subtle things, which is a good time to exercise observation and carefulness.Playing with stickers can strengthen fine hand movements and exercise children’s hand-eye-brain coordination skills.When playing with stickers, children need to make full use of their little fingers to find, tear and paste.In this complete process, children’s fine movements, the ability to observe subtle things and analytical memory are systematically improved.With each cycle, the child’s hand-eye-brain coordination will be strengthened.The more flexible the fingers, the better the brain development, and the smarter the child.Thirdly, stickers are a perfect combination of playing games and learning. They can exert an imperceptible effect on children in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, allowing children to remember knowledge while playing.Child psychologist Rudolph has said that play is the backbone of children’s world and should become the dominant activity of preschool children.Playing stickers is like this, there is no pressure to play, the whole process is also in the control of the child, there is no deliberate input, the more the child plays, the more he likes to remember, the more reliable.As a medical student’s cousin, it is to seize the niece’s psychological and cognitive development characteristics, the role of stickers to the extreme, therefore, niece’s performance in all aspects is so excellent.After listening to my cousin’s words, we can not help but sigh with emotion, worthy of being a doctor in medicine, take the child this matter to study thoroughly enough, both seized the focus and considered the blind spot that others are easy to ignore, a simple sticker game can also bring children the biggest impact and harvest.Since there are so many benefits to playing with stickers, schedule them for your kids!Stickers are great, but don’t buy them!Cousin repeatedly stressed that there are a lot of attention to play sticker, sticker selection is also very important.The most important thing is to meet the cognitive characteristics of children, to choose stickers that combine knowledge and fun, otherwise children’s concentration and potential not only can not improve, but waste time and money.At the same time, playing stickers also need the companionship of parents, especially when children just start to play, parents need to patiently explain the rules to their children, to do a good job of demonstration and guidance.In this way, when children get used to it, they can focus on playing for a long time, and parents can also have time to do their own things.