Was Nadal’s Australian Open victory a mistake?Can Djokovic finish Nadal?Not necessarily!

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Rafael Nadal won his 21st Grand Slam title in five sets against Dmitry Medvedev. Is it luck or strength?Some fans said the victory was a slip.Because world Number one Novak Djokovic is not playing.If Djokovic is playing, what is nadal’s problem?So, did Nadal really cheat?A champion for nothing?Not necessarily.First of all, Djokovic was also seeded no. 1 in the top half of the tournament, the same as No. 6 Nadal.If all goes well, Djokovic and Nadal will meet in the semifinals.Nadal is sure to lose to Djokovic this time?Nadal and Djokovic have met 58 times in total, with Djokovic holding a slight 30-28 lead.Most of those 30 victories have come on hard court, while Nadal has dominated on clay.In the meadows, it’s pretty much even.With the current momentum, Nadal’s form is indeed difficult to match Djokovic.We can only analyze, in hindsight, after all, Djokovic did not play in this Australian Open, whether he can beat Nadal 100% is anyone’s guess.For example, nadal and Medvedev before the odds, May was always favored, maybe 7 out of 10 people favored him to win, the result, Natto created a miracle.Are you saying nadal can’t work miracles against Djokovic?Fighting arena believes that the lack of The Australian Open is indeed a loss of the event, small De, Nadal, Mei total such top players did not collide, it is really a pity.Nadal can only say that the lack of small de this strong rival, increased the probability of winning.Can’t say nadal certainly lose to Djokovic.Under normal circumstances, Nadal’s current state is unable to compare with The small De, let alone in the hard court.But you can never underestimate how strong nadal is mentally and mentally.So, Nadal is the winner of the claim that the leakage, slightly inappropriate.Normal and abnormal, who can tell?Zverev out. Who would have thought so fast?Nadal’s achievement in addition to playing talent, a high degree of self-discipline, is the indomitable will to fight for many years, which is a kind of fighting spirit, in fact, any sports field, competitive sports, need such spirit, never give up, do not give up, there is the hope of winning.