What happened to the daughter-in-law whom her mother-in-law regarded as a liar

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Mother-in-law didn’t see before I think I must be a fraud, to our sentiment is strongly opposed, five years older than my husband and I had 32, in henan, 32 not with children is the second marriage, and we also met online, fall in love in the second year I am wages to the object, such a thought, really a bit like a liar, ha ha.Therefore, my mother-in-law actively introduced several young women to my husband, and actively opposed them. She also told my husband that she was poor, meaning that I was opposed to your marriage and I would not pay for it.My husband identified me, has been active communication, all kinds of good words to me, repeatedly to ensure that I have never had children unmarried, if my mother-in-law does not want to also useless, anyway it is me, do not like me, then I will not live in a city, separate, anyway it is me.At that time in fact I also have to break up the idea, the husband in the middle can be difficult, but I am a bit bigger in fact also not bad, home and family, his salary is much higher than he, he turned over to the salary I didn’t spend one cent, all to save to, think about when to buy a house money, get married after break up to him, at least he’s no loss, I don’t want to take advantage of what.At that time, my mother-in-law and I were in trouble. She didn’t like me, and I wanted to give up because of this dislike.My mother-in-law finally convinced by my husband, but always said no money in the home, said engagement with no money, we there are hundreds of sanjin, the husband is to discuss with me, can be a little less, difficult in the home, I am also very angry, think oneself is very cheap, also make cried, then think about it, feel the road ahead of confusion, I have been back down,Later, eighty-eight thousand without three gold heart really special grievance, my parents said you live with your object, if your mother-in-law does not like, do not live together on the line, the bride price is a form, your salary is high, do not care about this.So my husband and I set foot on the journey back to henan hometown, or very nervous, to discuss with my husband in case mother-in-law embarrassed me to let me do housework, he said he was, he did.Bought wine for his father-in-law, bought massage instrument for her mother-in-law, and some nutrients, only to see her father-in-law that day, her mother-in-law in overtime, one or two in the morning to come off work, I still quite anxious, thinking of waiting for her mother-in-law back, did not think he fell asleep, her father-in-law is very good, amiable, only the first impression is very good.Is mother-in-law shout we get up in the morning, early in the morning she bought us the characteristics of henan hu hot soup and water package, let me have a meal, she really is a special kind of look, both eyes have been laughing, impression that wicked mother-in-law is not with me, right after the meal was chat with her mother-in-law, and her most worry about a thing, I said aunt I am unmarried,Although my age is five years older than he, but I am not married, a person lead very good, there he was, for me is very good, I just want to get married, his salary pay because he can give me to spend money too much, for me I have to save up and didn’t spend one cent, think about back to him after he broke up with me, he also can find object, my salary is higher than the husband very much,We have more than enough money to live on, we don’t have any burden.Mother-in-law was satisfied with me, and praised me is tall and pretty, I am 168, wear high heels as my husband, to go out will visit fortune-teller said I heaven full fangyuan, prosperous and blessed with his mother-in-law privately told me that in fact I don’t like long more than 30, she thought him a bit too good for me, I said no love the people don’t deserve worthy.Mother-in-law every day to buy breakfast for us, do not do the housework, with my object to my home to meet my parents gave me a lot of Henan specialty, give me two thousand yuan gift, but my object to my home my parents a little not happy, ha ha ha.Engagement is very smooth, my mother-in-law directly give me one hundred thousand plus three gold, my mother said before money, now so straightforward, is particularly satisfied with me, ha ha ha.Mother-in-law is a special work of the people, the party is very simple, two to eat dinner, my mother and my mother-in-law looks particularly similar height, brief encounter two people, my mother also said there is a such good mother-in-law was relieved, a look is a good get along with, I hope I have a good filial piety, deny me not filial piety is the daughter.It’s fun looking back now, not before meeting don’t like it, from the beginning to now every time I chat with her mother-in-law can be one or two hours of telephone, as long as I give my mother buy things there must be a mother-in-law, my mother-in-law daughter-in-law said I could do with a neighbour now, high wages and high long also is filial piety, we often chat, don’t have any gap.So I went from being a “liar” to a pretty good daughter-in-law, ha ha ha.