Why is the satellite pot not working, military expert tells the truth, that’s the root cause

2022-06-13 0 By

More than 20 years ago, satellite POTS could be seen everywhere in rural areas of China.Since many remote rural areas in China could not receive TV signals at that time, many people would install their own satellite POTS to receive satellite signals to watch TV programs.Nowadays, let alone satellite pot, I believe that many Chinese people even rarely watch TV. With the progress of The Times, we have a mobile phone, even if there is no WIFI, the flow of mobile phone is enough for us to watch a lot of programs.But until now there are still a lot of people do not understand, with a good satellite pot, why suddenly not use, satellite pot can see what?Military experts tell the truth.In fact, the country bans satellite pot, mainly to give the people a green audio-visual environment.Satellite signals from abroad are streaming in, and many TV shows are too open.Many adults are not necessarily able to control their own, if some of the programs that are not conducive to teenagers are received by the satellite pot, then it will certainly cause certain effects on teenagers.Teenagers are the future of the country. If they are exposed to some bad information early, they will not only bring trouble to their parents, but also burden the country in the future.Throughout some foreign TV programs, either bloody violence or pornography, long-term watching such programs is not conducive to the healthy growth of teenagers, so this is the fundamental reason for China to ban the installation of satellite POTS.Of course, we may have heard some rumors, about these rumors, small editor would like to correct here, many of these rumors are because of the interests of certain “groups”, and fabricated lies.The first is that the satellite pot will produce a large amount of radiation, which is harmful to people’s health.This rumor can say a bit common sense does not have, the satellite pot that oneself install has radiation, buy a country “normal pot” not afraid of radiation?The second is that the satellite dish installed on the roof is easy to be struck by lightning, if the satellite dish is easy to be struck by lightning, then the cable TV is not afraid of being struck by lightning?Is there a greater risk of being struck by lightning with more antennas on telephone poles?It’s not recommended to turn on cable TV sets during heavy thunderstorms, and there’s no reason satellite dishes are more likely to be struck by lightning.There is also said that the satellite pot is easy to cause “high altitude parabolic”, that into the “normal pot” will not run the wind?A closer look at these rumours reveals that they simply do not stand up to a bit of scrutiny, and do not stand up to physics.As times have progressed, many homes have mobile broadband or TV boxes and less cable.It is said that some areas are still carrying out the “household” small pot lid, is not afraid of being struck by lightning?Not afraid of radiation, not afraid of falling objects?In short, we hope that some people will not treat others as fools. Rumors stop with wise men and can never win the market by fooling and threatening.