Leshan City’s Zhu Sitang Kindergarten held epidemic prevention and control work

2022-06-14 0 By

In order to implement the requirements of provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control work and arrange the next work, on March 15, the third park of Zhu Sitang Kindergarten held epidemic prevention and control work respectively.At the meeting, Zeng Xiaojing, director of the office, and principals of each branch conveyed the spirit of the epidemic prevention and control meeting held by Leshan Education Bureau on March 14 to the staff.The meeting stressed that the extreme importance of epidemic prevention and control must be fully understood, and there should be no relaxation or fluke in the ideological understanding and implementation of measures, and the school should continue to pay high attention to, be highly vigilant and responsible for the fight against the epidemic on campus.Subsequently, logistics director Qiao Lihua made arrangements for the recent work.She proposed that each class to strengthen the investigation of teachers and students and their co-living personnel, resolutely put an end to late reporting, concealing, missing reporting;Each class to strengthen the morning before children into the kindergarten sanitation and disinfection work;Anyone entering the campus must register, show “three yards” and have their temperature taken;Express delivery and parcels are not allowed to enter the campus;Open the window for at least 30 minutes at least three times a day.At the end of the meeting, fang Ying, the principal of the campus, stressed that every faculty and staff should always be vigilant, enhance their awareness, improve their position, take responsibility for prevention and control, and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention measures.(Text and text from Zhu Sitang Kindergarten)