Ruzhou police Hou Longteng: fulfill their duties to protect the peace of the party

2022-06-14 0 By

Hou Longteng, joined the public security work in April 2014, and is now the deputy director of materials Posting Police Station of Ruzhou Public Security Bureau.Since he started his career as a police officer, he has always taken root in the grass-roots front line and is not afraid of hardship. He is always in the forefront, and he is responsible to protect the safety of the party. He has been awarded the advanced Individual in public Security work for many times and won the third-class merit in August 2021.In the past eight years, Hou has handled more than 20,000 police cases, handled more than 600 cases of various types, resolved nearly 1,000 conflicts and disputes, cracked down on more than 90 crimes and captured 53 online fugitives.In July 2021, the police station received a superior clue that there were many people in the area suspected of helping information network crimes.After receiving instructions, Hou Long through developing of a large number of detective work, early in the suspect named after 3 people caught, will solve the case at a stroke, and to after careful analysis, dig clues, after half a year time, Hou Long teng to suspect arrest, advised for work in the home, 11 suspects in succession, surrendered,The case was finally reviewed and prosecuted by 14 suspects, which was praised by leaders and colleagues.Hou Longteng is not only at the forefront of the police work, but also a careful and warm person: in daily work whenever the elderly and children lost, he will not only send them home, but also give them the help within their power;In dealing with the contradictions and disputes among the masses, he always patiently interprets the interpretation of the reason, and coordinates the relevant departments to deal with the root problems, so as to resolve the contradictions and disputes, and avoid the occurrence of many “people turn to punishment, punishment turn to life” events.Hou Longteng in the daily household visit found an old man living difficult area, his son ran away from home more than 10 years ago, has been missing.Hou Longteng understand the situation, every holiday to visit their home, sympathy, and help recall the analysis of the clues before and after his son left.According to the clues provided by the old man, he has been to Luoyang, Zhengzhou and other places to find proof.Hou Longteng since the public security work, always with strict standards to ask themselves, give full play to the role of a party member police, so that the area of the masses really feel the “people’s police love the people” behind the words warm.(Pingdingshan News Hotline: 3880000, email:, Elephant Company Office: 3880000)