Flash!”The Night Before”, “Chinese Paladin 4”, “I know I Love you” and other new TV series boot

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Editor Wen Jing guide: Recently, “The Night Before”, “Chinese Paladin 4”, “I know I love you” and other drama boot.CMNC- media eyes comprehensive recently, produced by Penguin Film, XIN Film, Zhang Jiuyuan director, Yuan Yuan as the chief writer, Ren Yu Lun starred in the blood suspense drama “The Night before” on February 14 boot.Drama to the establishment of the new China before three important historical eve as the background, not only tells the story of different identity of the blood of youth, in the face of national survival, consciousness awakening into the red revolution, in the turbulent sea temper growth story, also showed to Lin Xi (Au Hao ornaments) headed,Zhou Yingqun (Zhao Zhiwei) and Li Yunfei (Ren Yu Lun) supplemented by three brothers in turbulent times firm brotherhood.Chinese Paladin 4, an online drama adapted from the game of the same name, began shooting in Hengdian on Feb 16.Chen Zheyuan and Ju Jingyi, as Yuntianhe and Han Lingsha, appeared at the opening ceremony, attracting many netizens and fans to watch and become very popular.The story of Chinese Paladin 4 is basically the same as the original game. It mainly tells the story of the main character, Yun Tianhe, who gets acquainted with actresses Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli. After that, he joins the Qionghua school of Kunlun and becomes involved in a huge conspiracy.Sun Yi, Zhang Wanyi new drama “I know I love you” boot, the drama tells the love story of florist promise and pet doctor Zhao Jin.Here are CMNC – media big eye comb summary of recent information on show: “sweet you” theme type: drama/love team: sometimes XingXiao as the director, tao, starring Wang Herun plot synopsis: animal doctor tao for an operation error. Lead to growing up with their pet dog pups, from now on can’t again picked up a scalpel.But sudden encounter misfortune in the home, she had to take over the hospital of tao tao animals that father manages, be in “matchmaker dog” pull a thread below Callow, got acquainted with carrying “secret past” dog crazy male — ke Mi.Two people work together in secret business, help tao Tao out of trouble, help an animal friend recovery, help sick pets and owners to warm or beautiful, or between tears, or teary ending…”I know I love you” subject type: urban, contemporary main creation team: by Sun Yi, Zhang Wanyi starring plot synopsis: one is ten years of fruitless love flower division promise, one is bear the burden of the family pet doctor Zhao Jin, two older youth also suffer parents forced marriage, relatives advised marriage, matchmaker urge marriage.When their lives return to the origin, but do not know how to restart, they met.But the Zhao Jin that the promise of exhaustion of body and mind and family circumstances are complex is having the estrangement that breaks through hard, the friend’s misunderstanding and parental block let their love face a variety of frustrations.Zhao Jin on the promise of meticulous care for the promise to feel the warmth and firmness of a long time, regain the confidence and desire for love, and the love into the creation of flowers, flowers, become a well-known florist.The promise of the emergence of zhao Jin also gradually smoothed the feelings of injury for many years, let Zhao Jin feel the happiness of long absence, two people through each other’s true love to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, mutual love depend on each other, grow together, hand in hand into the palace of marriage.”The night before” subject matter type: blood, suspense, era chief creative team: directed by Zhang Jiuyuan, Yuan Yuan as the chief scriptwriting, Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen, Zhao Zhiwei led the leading role”The night before” focus on the social unrest in the age of gang members Lin Xi (Ou Hao ornaments), progress of female students Su Nan (Zhang Huiwen ornaments) and other patriotic youth, in the face of national survival, consciousness awakening into the red revolution, in the cross currents of the sea temper growth, the fate of the emotion is also in the current of The Times with the fate of the country and the ups and downs.”Eve” era as a spy subjects, from the 1941 Shanghai concession period of an island, in 1948 and 1949, before the battle of jinzhou three historical stages of Shanghai before liberation as the background, the narrative structure is divided into three sections, represented by Lin yesterday, Su Nan hidden front unsung heroes, in the states will not state, wind and rain fell under The Times of the stand and resolute struggle.The drama takes the revolutionary course of the youth as the main story line, showing the secret war and dark crisis during the Anti-Japanese War, refracting the tortuous path of revolutionary workers in the pursuit of bright ideals under the special background of The Times.”Chinese Sword Legend 4″ theme type: ancient costume, fairy man, love main creative team: director Zhu Ruibin, Chen Zheyuan, Ju Jingyi starring plot synopsis: the character of the true yuntianhe, since childhood lost.The girl Han Lingsha that breaks into father tomb unexpectedly below accidental circumstance, two people have indissoluble predestined relationship.Halfway with another girl Liu Mengli acquaintance.Yuntianhe in order to understand his father’s past, looking for his own life, and Han Lingsha, Liu Mengli together worship kunlun Qionghua school to become a disciple.Yuntianhe holds the idea of “my life is not by me”, experiencing all kinds of difficulties and trials, but still firmly believes that things in the world can be mastered by their own hands.He falls in the help of good friend Han Lingsha, Murong Ziying and Liu Mengli, to rescue the common people of bewitching bound and Qionghua group in 100 li, go on the road of salvation that goes against heaven to change one’s life, ultimate justice conquered evil, xuan Xiao got due end, Qionghua group also ashes to ashes.”Hidden niang” subject matter type: ancient times, legend advocate create a team: Qin LAN, Zheng Yecheng, Hu Lianxin starring plot outline:After an Shi rebellion, in tang dynasty has not yet appeasement, each army town plots to separate power and seek hegemony, the divine Strategist army that guards the imperial city wants to conspire with all corners of the country secret environment to conspire against kill fierce hero, the organization white Jade Beijing that special division assassinate arises at the historic moment, outside, it is the place of mercy that receives homeless woman, inside, it is the cruel repair luo field that trains female assassin however.The scourer of birthplace lower city jumps over quick sand is bai Yujing extremely killer, be in love with bai Yujing exterior boarding teenager Zhu Mirror, want to cast off assassin career all the time, be involved in the crisis that extricate hard however, Zhu Mirror dies unfortunately in this process.For revenge, the more quicksand and the new bureau of old family “daughter” Cui Bingxin together.Choi, bing xin was Bai Yujing behind the green lady through man behind him, he counterplot, once conquered Mrs Green, and master the halcyon sea XuanMi “Bai Yujing first”, the fate of the four implicit niang collide interweave, when they decided to his fate for found that resembles the real identity of the mirror, zhu hidden behind tied with chang ‘an,Could trigger a second Anshih rebellion…If there is time topic type: drama/love team: sometimes by Li Landi, linyi starring the synopsis: the play mainly tells the story of the youth Lin Ta (linyi) just entering society was gradually frozen disease diagnosis, girlfriend Ann know auk (Li Landi) in the side, two people common fighting the disease, to pursue the meaning of life story.Note: The above works are subject to actual information.