Gu Ailing’s “top flow” declaration: 1% talent and 99% love

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When Gu Ailing finished her final jump, she had already prepared applause and cheers, which rang out on the grandstand of shougang ski platform.The crowd, clapping or waving flags, reminded those watching the final on camera that this was Beijing, the home of talented girl Gu Ailing.Gu did not disappoint those who had high expectations for her, making ice and snow sports history in China by taking home the gold medal in the freestyle skiing platform with a perfect final jump.Gu Ailing burst into tears of joy, and the audience applauded for a long time.Shougang ski jump is located in Shijingshan District, which is only about half an hour’s drive from Huangzhuang, haidian District, known as the “center of space cram school”.Gu attended math Olympiad classes there when she was in primary school.Gu said her mother once told her: “If you go to China for 10 days, you can spend a year in America.”Gu was born in San Francisco in 2003 to an American father and a Chinese mother.Gu Grew up in the United States, but she is no stranger to China — she first came to Beijing when she was less than three years old. She followed Gu To China almost every summer after she started school.This has enabled her to speak fluent Mandarin, even with a touch of Beijing accent.In the post-match interview, Gu’s seamless switching between Chinese and English once again made the present reporters marvel.Gu has revealed that she learned her Chinese from Chinese friends she grew up with.”I feel like I can switch from English to Chinese as soon as the plane lands,” she said, sounding Versailles.By the way, in unusually fluent Chinese say “red carp, green carp and donkey, red donkey, green donkey and carp” tongue twister, is also Gu Ailing show Chinese “famous scene” one.Gu also has great passion for Chinese food.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is during the Spring Festival,” she said. “We should have some dumplings to share our culture and let people around the world taste Chinese food.”It was because of her strong sense of belonging to China that this talented girl made an extremely important decision in her life — to become a Chinese citizen in the summer of 2019.”I am proud to represent China in three years’ time at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics,” gu, then 16, wrote on social media.I hope to enhance the communication, understanding and friendship between Chinese and American people through the pursuit of extreme sports.To promote freestyle skiing, encourage young people, especially girls, to love sports, and to promote ice and snow sports in China and the world!”In The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Gu Ailing finally ushered in the home battle opportunity.In the shougang ski jump, the Chinese dragon pattern on the back of Gu Ailing’s suit caused a hot discussion.In an interview after the race, Gu revealed that she also has a dragon on her ski, which reads “Dragon among men” : “This ski is my design — I care about fashion and am a model myself, hoping to bring some Chinese elements to the world through skiing.”Gu Yan, who loves 99% of her mother, is the guide for Her to go skiing.Gu Yan is a keen skier. During her undergraduate years at Peking University, Gu Yan was a member and coach of the university’s short track speed skating team.Gu Ailing was taken to the ski resort by Gu Yan when she was three months old.Gu got her first pair of ski shoes at the age of two.Four-year-old Gu Is already skiing in the woods with her family.When Gu was eight years old, Gu Yan decided to send her daughter to a professional free ski team for training.It turned out to be a remarkably prescient decision.Gu trained for a year, went to the United States ski competition, won the United States freestyle junior champion.By the age of 16, Gu had already become a veteran of the snow field, with more than 50 MEDALS that could fill a table.”In the air, time slows down.”Gu said that she always enjoys skiing, and the feeling of flying and happiness is probably the most “arresting” part of skiing.People often attribute Gu’s achievements to her natural talent, but she doesn’t see it that way.Speaking of her personal achievements in skiing, Gu puts it down to “1 percent talent, 99 percent love, and persistence.”It is also because of her passion that Gu always enjoys the fun brought by the competition.Gu will compete on three fronts in halfpipe, slopestyle and platform.”Three events is three skiing opportunities — I love skiing so much, and every time I ski, it’s a joy.”When Gu Ailing opened her Beijing Winter Olympics ski jump in Shougang, Gu Yan sat at the spot and watched her daughter’s performance.In the preliminaries, Gu made a mistake on her second jump.When Gu was ready for the third jump, Gu Yan encouraged her daughter, “You can do it. It’s not hard for you.”Sure enough, Gu completed her third jump and qualified for the final.Top Flow’s manifesto cafes, shopping malls, bus stops, airport lounges…Before the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing has been everywhere.According to incomplete statistics, Gu Ailing has nearly 30 commercial endorsements.This also reflects the high popularity of Gu Ailing from a side.The Associated Press once described Gu as a “young adventurer” and confidently predicted: “She will become China’s next Olympic superstar.”It looks like it’s already happening.Before returning to Beijing to start her final preparations for the Winter Olympics, Gu was in excellent form — she won six gold, two silver and one bronze MEDALS in just 37 days, a total of nine MEDALS.”She’s done nothing but win,” people exclaim on social media.Gu is also looking forward to a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.Speaking on the IOC website, she made no secret of her desire for gold: “My goal is to win the Olympic Winter Games, the undisputed highest honor in the sport, and that would be the best reward for all the hard work I have put into the sport.”But gold is not the only thing China’s top athlete wants.On February 7, in the midday sun of Beijing, Gu Ailing, who had successfully qualified for the final, made such a declaration to us journalists who had been waiting for a long time in the mixed mining area:”I want to tell all of the adolescents, especially girls said, my biggest wish, is to get people to contact, to try to find their own love of ice and snow sports, through the ice and snow sports know yourself, challenge themselves, to break the boundaries and go to meet friends, didn’t think you can do before you go to do some things, do not need to have any pressure,You don’t have to be a professional athlete, just have fun and enjoy yourself.”Beijing winter, the wind is still cold, after listening to this seat declaration, all the hearts of the scene is boiling hot.New Yellow River reporter: Yao Zheng editor: Liu Dan