Low speed electric tricycle driving license, D certificate fixed number of years and test subjects should be appropriately relaxed

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After more than 20 years of development, electric vehicles have been derived into dozens of types, including the main classification of electric two-wheel, three-wheel, four-wheel, the total possession of 350 million.The differentiation of electric tricycles and four-wheelers is close to 100 million, and the main users are middle-aged and old people, especially the users of electric leisure, covered tricycles and electric four-wheelers are basically between 60 and 70 years old.This group of people accept different levels of culture, although some people read for several years, because of a long time to forget all, driving license subjects one, four theory test, must have a certain cultural understanding ability.There are also some people can not operate the computer, the computer answers are also difficult, let them go to the driver’s license, psychological concerns, dare not go to the test.Based on the above situation, many owners will appeal to the concerned side, can the low speed electric vehicle driving license, test subjects should be appropriately relaxed?What reason do we have for requesting a relaxation of examination subjects?Today I’ll take you to analyze it.China, a country with a population of 1.4 billion, has more than 900 million people who can use transport at the right age. July 2019.Announced the latest data of national motor vehicle ownership, the car ownership in the first half of the year is 250 million, 198 million private cars, according to the calculation of only 179 per thousand people, according to the developed countries of the United States more than 800 cars there is a certain gap.By the end of 2020, China has reached 280 million, 24.24 million cars to the new registration, growth is not large, so the authorities issued a series of encouraging policies, including the gradual deregulation or cancel the auto purchase, increase the index plate, encourage car product updates, they restricted the optimization measures in cities, subsidies, etc.Opening policy, more people should buy more, but now due to speed up the pace of life, increase the cost of living, cities limit number, rush hour traffic congestion, high fuel costs, parking difficult with the owner, short-distance travel preference for electric vehicles, some people give up buying a car, to buy new energy vehicles and electric vehicles as a short-distance travel tool,Some people choose public transportation to travel.Data show that China’s electric vehicle ownership has reached 370 million, compared with the car ownership of 100 million, electric vehicle cycling low threshold, economic applicability and other advantages by the majority of users to choose, still increasing every year.In July 2021, Beijing issued regulations on the management of illegal electric three-four-wheeled vehicles, which are not included in the Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products and are used to carry passengers or goods, as illegal vehicles.Production and sale of illegal electric tricycles shall be prohibited, and punishment shall be imposed according to law upon discovery.The transitional period will end on December 31, 2023 for illegal electric tricycles purchased before this circular is issued. During the transitional period, driving on roads should comply with relevant traffic regulations.Since the implementation of the new national standard, the electric vehicle industry formally entered the era of national standard vehicles, so that the reasonable transition of electric vehicles, all over the electric vehicle to give a certain transitional period.1. Relevant provisions of electric tricycles: many places give electric tricycles a transitional period for filing, registration, unified license issuing and standardized management.For example, Yangzhou, Taizhou in Jiangsu province, the transition period is set to June 2024, and some areas in Henan province are unified on the license plate and license issuing. Zhejiang province adopts a more reasonable management mode, such as the elderly at the age of 60 can be registered as long as there is a guardian guarantee. Many places avoid the use of “one size fits all” approach, giving consumers certain right of way.2. Clear driving license for electric four-wheelers to promote vehicle compliance on the road: Luoyang launched the driving management action for electric three-wheelers and four-wheelers with driving license. Driving electric three-wheelers according to regulations requires D license, and driving license C3 or above is required for electric four-wheelers, which is reasonable and standardized.Many places have opened the right of way, tricycles officially entered the licensing era, according to the provisions of the Ministry of Communications, tricycles free licensing is a preferential measure of the new policy of decentralization.At present, some local electric car store has been qualified, the owner in the purchase of the vehicle can hold the ID card and certificate of quality, relevant proof to the store directly on the license, the whole journey without charging any fees.The transitional system has been introduced in various places to implement standardized management of non-catalog vehicles, which brings two advantages. One is to give the right of way to owners who have bought such vehicles, and the other is to help dealers clear inventory.There is a point owners should pay attention to, timely check the local “standard management notice on the electric tricycle”, set up a transitional period notice to promptly go to the license, comprehensive rectification action after the end of the license policy is not enjoyed.Low speed electric vehicle to obtain a driving license, D license number of years and test subjects should be appropriately relaxed many places have opened the right of way, for non-catalog electric three-wheel, four-wheel, unified license, license issue has a reasonable management, for the elderly sixty or seventy years old to obtain a driving license has certain difficulty.This group of elderly people due to the social environment of birth to accept different levels of education, some people enjoy a few years of education and learning, a long time also forget, some people did not directly receive education and learning, relatively low level of education, encounter the exam in the heart panic, afraid to participate in the theoretical examination.For electric three-wheel, four-wheel driving skills are simple, consumers who have bought a car will learn in one or two days, through a long time of driving, skills have been skilled.What they lack is the learning of traffic rules and safety awareness. The basic purpose of the theory test is to familiarize drivers with traffic rules and safety awareness, as well as road markings, by learning hundreds of answers to the test.Learning proficiently, on the one hand can remember these traffic rules and road signs, on the other hand can also successfully pass the exam.The test ideas and methods are correct, in line with the basic requirements of drivers, but the problem lies in the low level of education of this group of elderly people, for learning test questions and computer operation need a certain cultural foundation.People with high cultural and psychological quality are not afraid of theoretical examinations and can pass them quickly. It is the people with low educational level who are afraid to take examinations.They feel that it is more difficult to take the driving theory test. They are familiar with the driving skills and are not afraid of them. They can pass with practice.To obtain the D certificate of electric tricycle and THE C certificate of electric quadricycle, more owners reflect two problems and suggest relaxing. One is to relax the age limit of taking D license to the age of taking C license at the age of 60. The other is to take the C certificate of electric quadricycle, which is different from the difficulty of car driving, and appropriately reduce the test subjects.Test driver’s license owner gives the reason of two aspects: the first reason: relax appropriately D according to the age limit, driving the leisure and covered tricycle crowd is mostly over the age of 60, according to the request of “motor vehicle driving license application and use of the rules, the use of this model will acquire D a driver’s license, age limit in 18 ~ 60 one full year of life.According to the provisions of the following 60 years of age of the talent can test driving license, 60 years of older than the old people did not test driving license qualifications, it is suggested that this article appropriate relaxation of age upper limit.The second reason: to reduce the difficulty of the electric four-wheeler driving license test subjects, the car’s driving license is C certificate, the speed of the general car is 100~120km/h, can be on the high speed, driving requirements and brake distance is relatively large, anti-collision safety requirements are relatively high.The speed of the electric four-wheeler is 50~60km/h, which is not allowed to go on the high speed. The brake spacing is smaller than that of the car, and the power is also one tenth of that of the car, so driving safety is guaranteed.At present, TAO uses car-level driving license requirements and management methods. Low-speed electric vehicles should be classified and refined according to the standards and management methods, so as to lower the test threshold, reduce the burden of the elderly and increase their enthusiasm for driving.Summarize the current card and card of C D exam requirements, is to use the management way of motorcycles and cars then, bin think more, since the vehicle registration to the directory, open way, take an examination of D according to the fixed number of year, and the difficulty of the examination subjects, according to the requirements of the characteristics of the vehicle should be properly reduced, in order to adapt to the humanized management, should be classified elaboration, and formulated a set of accord with standard of this kind of vehicle.What do you think of relaxing the upper limit of the age for certificate D and lowering the subjects for certificate C?This picture agrees with my proposal?Welcome everyone to leave a message exchange, feel useful to you, remember to pay attention to me, like forwarding collection.