Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas held wheat disease and insect prevention and control on-site meeting

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The 2022 Wheat Disease and Insect prevention and control event was held in Zhucheng Street, Zhuyue Village, Xinzhou District, East China’s Shandong Province, April 1, 2019.”Wheat head blight can be prevented but not treated, we must adhere to the ‘flower medicine, active prevention’, in the wheat full heading period to the early flowering stage (flowering reached 20%-30%) to do a good job in pharmaceutical prevention…”Prior to the meeting, participants observed the field of wheat disease and insect pest control in the Jinchunhong Planting Cooperative on Zhucheng Street, and plant protection experts from the municipal Agricultural Technology Center received training on wheat fusarium head blight prevention and control techniques.At the meeting, the municipal agricultural technology Center reported the prevention and control of wheat diseases and insect pests in the city, and made arrangements for the prevention and control of wheat scab and other major diseases and insect pests.Xinzhou district, Huangpi District and Caidian District exchanged experience on the occurrence and control of wheat diseases and insects.Comrade Tang Jichao re-deployed and re-mobilized the prevention and control of wheat diseases and insect pests.He stressed that the heavy damage, a wheat must raise awareness, attaches great importance to its prevention and control work, to agriculture and rural areas departments at all levels to enhance prevention pest striving for a bumper harvest of the sense of responsibility and urgency, encryption monitoring and early warning of diseases and pests, strengthening TongFang rule, strengthen the publicity and training, emergency prevention and control reserves, to lay the wheat plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control to be completed.At the same time, he also made arrangements for the city’s spring farming production, food safety production and food-related inspection and rectification work.Tang Jichao, party member and deputy director of Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Hu Liming, Director of Planting Department of municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Jiang Zhengjun, Director of Municipal Agricultural Technology Center, Zhu Linyao, deputy Director of municipal Agricultural technology Center, plant protection experts, planting section chief, director of agricultural technology Center and plant protection station chief of district Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and more than 50 people attended the on-site meeting.City agricultural technology promotion center youth Civilization number collective team members participated in this activity.Source: Wuhan Agricultural Technology Extension Center