The second round of “double First-class” announcement, these 10 popular universities failed: Yan University, Xin University and so on

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On February 14, 2022, announced a second round of double first-class construction disciplines, let the national college students and former university alumni all boil, a little students don’t work hard, but his Alma mater, Alma mater to become the first-class discipline in colleges and universities, and some students are very hard, but don’t work hard, the university first-class disciplines have been dropped (goods on statistics applied economics,Northeast Economics mathematics change education).Last first-class university is canceled, in fact, formed only a first-rate university, tsinghua Beijing university all other university into a first-class disciplines in colleges and universities, on the theory of a first-class university and the first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, some say a happy, have a plenty of marking time step, have been warned by a few, but the most happy or new 7 colleges and universities:Shanxi University, Xiangtan University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou Medical University, Nanjing Medical University.The biggest winners are the shanxi university, into the two disciplines, let this once the first three national university finally chin, although there is no the cattle, and beiyang university and Peking University, but at the moment of shanxi university really once again stand in the peak of the history, once again become a brother in Shanxi Province, finally beyond the taiyuan university of technology for decades.These seven universities, from faculty and students to alumni, have achieved a turnaround in their lives, but there are also a large number of top-tier popular universities that did not make the second round. These universities are all strong cards, but for various reasons that are not clear, they did not make the second round.It can be said that if these popular colleges do not enter this time, the road to promotion will be more bumpy.According to the selection criteria of first-class disciplines: ranking of national authoritative disciplines, ranking of international disciplines, outstanding contributions, regional characteristics, etc.So what about the universities that were good but didn’t make it this time?We all know that Nanjing Medical University was selected as A first-class discipline construction university by virtue of its A+ discipline of public health. However, there is another university like Nanjing Medical University, but they are not as lucky as Nanjing Medical University. These two universities are:PLA Strategic Support Force Information Engineering University, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Nanjing Medical University your announcement of health and preventive medicine is the first in China, and you have obtained A+ discipline and been selected as A first-class discipline university. We are convinced, but what about Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine?Perhaps this bad luck, heilongjiang university of Chinese medicine discipline evaluation result is not good for the third time, and on a first-class next time come in 6 university of traditional Chinese medicine (Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine, tianjin university of Chinese medicine, guangdong university of Chinese medicine, chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine, nanjing university of Chinese medicine,), the discipline evaluation result, the first in the country but this round of university of Chinese medicine has become history,Because last time into too much, can only say that heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is too bad luck.If Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has had bad luck, the PLA Information Engineering University, which ranks first in surveying and mapping along with Wuhan University, has not.But this information engineering university also failed, can only speculate that the military school may be special?In other words, the discipline of surveying and mapping only needs to be built by Wuhan University, and other universities do not need to build this discipline.Anyway, the failure of information Engineering University and Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine this time is not due to poor strength (the first strength in the country), it can only be said that bad luck, or other reasons (you can say what you think.You also know that the shanxi university and xiangtan university into a first-class discipline mainly family live national awards, shanxi university got the second prize of natural science, physics of xiangtan university got the second prize of mathematical science, but also have a large group of small won national awards, but sorry that I don’t have to enter first-class construction disciplines.Word live at the university of several national awards since 2017, shandong first medical university and got the second prize of natural science, but like the first medical university, shandong province, also is very hot, but it seems in the medical industry, the first medical university in the shandong rookie, although there are awards, but a little slim chance, is not the province to support the object.If The comprehensive strength of Shandong First Medical University is still a little weak, then Southern Medical University, as the former First Military Medical University of THE PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, once a national key university, one of the first batch of 8-year doctoral institutions, also won the second prize of national Natural Science prize of Basic Medicine, unfortunately lost the election this time.What is more embarrassing is that the little-known Guangzhou Medical University has been selected as a first-class discipline construction university.Sad ah, southern medical university, two of a trade seldom agree, into the second round of guangzhou medical university, so I am afraid, the next round of country won’t give the second places in medical colleges and universities in guangdong province (a province can’t support the same type of two provincial universities), southern medical university so not only is this not to sad, I’m afraid the next round of slim hope.Shandong Normal University was once the favorite to win the championship, but it is not likely to win the national prize. After all, shandong Normal University’s chemistry discipline has won the national prize, but it has not reached the top level nationwide.There is also Chongqing Normal University. Although it has the national prize and won the Chongqing Mathematics Center, there is a big gap between it and Southern University of Science and Technology and Xiangtan University.Once national key university of shijiazhuang railway university, of course, there is also a national award, there is a wish to enter first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, but in hebei province, hebei backed the yanshan university, hebei university, and university of shijiazhuang railway only cried as energy in yunnan’s kunming university of science and technology, claim to be the first 211 every day during the ten years ago,Also won the first prize of national progress in metallurgical engineering, but this time it was also a pity to lose the election, probably because metallurgy has been a declining industry, the state is difficult to support.For Kunming University of Science and Technology, this opportunity is lost, and it will be harder to say in the future.Although Yangzhou University, as an agricultural and animal husbandry college, although there are national awards, but in China is relatively general, in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu has nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing Forestry University two first-class disciplines of agriculture and forestry universities, so Yangzhou University wants to enter the third, I’m afraid jiangsu is not very support.In addition, Jiangsu University, once a national key university under the ministry of Machinery Industry, ranks first in agricultural machinery strength in China. Although it has many awards, it can only be sadly lost in Jiangsu, where there are many famous universities.In addition, there is another popular university, that is Yanshan University, which used to be a national key university under the ministry of Machinery. The mechanical discipline has a class A evaluation, and there are also state key laboratories. It is also a university supported by Hebei Province.Only 211 in tianjin, hebei province, hebei province so hope for the second round is very big, also once and shanxi university of yanshan university, xiangtan university, nanjing medical university, is used to win four popular colleges and universities, the three are all go in now, leaving only the yanshan university, hebei students very sad, also shows the highest teaching in hebei province into true than any other province.