To ask where ancient town ancestral temple is the most, it must be Jiangsu

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To ask where the ancient town ancestral temple is the most, it must be Jiangsu.Huishan ancient Town has a long history. There are 118 ancestral halls found in single town. From the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China, there are more than 80 family names and 180 historical celebrities.From the prime minister, shang Shu, generals and other officials to the common people, loyal and righteous people, there are “architectural version” of wuxi historical celebrity paintings.Among them, Huaxiaozi Shrine, King Qian Wu Su shrine, Wang Wu Hui Mountain ancient town and Jichang Garden are the tourist attractions that must be clocked. Jichang Garden was built in Ming Dynasty with a history of more than 400 years. With exquisite structure and landscape integration, it was a must to visit Quchang Garden when Emperor Qianlong visited south China six times.Ancient town with a mountain spring in the spring, in XiHui park, springs from the mountains, sweet and delicious, is divided into the upper, middle and down the pool, the tea to the world of tea can is divided into 20, hui mountain spring water was named “world 2”, a prime minister in tang dynasty Li Deyu, especially like the spring springs, the local officials to Beijing, dedicated feed they eat, qianlong period,When emperor Qianlong traveled south to the South of the Yangtze River, he was so famous that he made a special trip to Huishan to taste the Spring of Huishan. As expected, the spring was honored as “the second spring in the world”.Story of the spring still has a lot of, one of the most famous story, there are blind musicians did at that time, he created the erhu music here, I must know the name of the song, that is “two springs moon”, the “spring” is not in tune name two springs, but refers to the “day” second spring of hyesan town of springs, the song also became the erhu violin.Came to huishan, besides look impressive buildings, huishan also must see, huishan has 1000 years of history, the earliest can be traced back to the northern and southern dynasties, the Ming dynasty has reached the peak, huishan clay taken from shandong north tranship at the foot of the black mud, exquisite, high plasticity, you can’t rub, very suitable for fabricating, there’s still a “clay figurine street” in the ancient town,The ancestral hall of the ancient town basically has the clay figurine workshop. The new Chinese clay Figurine Museum in the town is dedicated to telling the long history of Huishan clay figurine and displaying many skilled clay figurine works.Huishan technology is divided into pinched, coloring and so on several parts, meticulous work got the attention of clay figurine, kneaded by hand people belong to the belly in clay figurine, can for the collection, clay figurine handicraft adopted mould mass production, good and inexpensive, “lucky” clay figurine is one of the most famous image of clay figurine, plump figure, it’s big and cute face appear the blessing,Huishan ancient Town symbolizes wuxi people’s yearning for a better life. There are many tourist attractions in Huishan ancient Town, which can not be visited all in less than a day. Huishan Ancient Town is like a history textbook of Wuxi, which can not only experience the softness of jiangnan water town, but also experience the ancient history and culture.