Bloomberg apologizes for ‘Russian invasion of Ukraine

2022-06-16 0 By

“Live: Russia Invades Ukraine,” read a headline on bloomberg’s website on Thursday afternoon local time.Bloomberg later issued an apology, saying the headline had been published “accidentally” and had since been removed.Russia’s Kremlin may use the term “Bloomberg News” instead of “fake news,” a Kremlin spokesman said Tuesday.Bloomberg website “accidental” publish news headlines: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, figure from social networking sites in a apology statement, bloomberg explains, the news websites are prepared for a lot of the title, the title of “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” in the eastern United States time at 4 PM 4 “accidental release” on the home page.Bloomberg said: “We deeply regret this error.The caption has been removed and we are investigating the cause.”While Bloomberg quickly corrected its error, the headline “Russia invades Ukraine” quickly became a hit on social media amid rising tensions along the Border with Ukraine.According to Olga Lautman, a Russia analyst at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), “Russian invasion of Ukraine” was on the front page of Bloomberg’s website for at least 30 minutes.She demanded an explanation on Twitter @Bloomberg, asking: “What the hell happened…Did someone hit send by mistake or was it hacked?””‘ Russia invaded Ukraine ‘was on the front page of Bloomberg for nearly half an hour!”The Twitter user was also speechless.”Bloomberg’s mistake is simply outrageous.””The ‘Russian invasion of Ukraine’ did not happen,” another user joked.So far, Bloomberg has not released details of why the error occurred.Russian Sputnik News agency reported that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made a response to the incident on Friday local time.He quipped that the Kremlin might use the term “Bloomberg News” instead of “fake news” after bloomberg published a fake headline the day before.Mr. Peskov said he did not consider bloomberg’s publication of the false headline a provocation, but stressed that “any spark” could be dangerous in today’s tensions.He added: “This is a perfect example of how dangerous the situation can become when the US, THE UK and other European and American governments are endlessly issuing aggressive and radical rhetoric.”The move follows similar veiled accusations against Russia by several major US media outlets.On February 3, a number of US media have reported the “latest intelligence” : Russia is considering the production of a Ukrainian military attack on Russia propaganda video, as a pretext for “invasion” of Ukraine in the coming days.According to Russia Today (RT), the Washington Post first reported the claim on Wednesday morning.This was immediately disputed by Russia.”Russia has never done such a thing,” the Russian side said.As the border issue between Russia and Ukraine becomes increasingly tense, western countries led by the United States frequently put tough words, claiming that they will impose severe sanctions on Russia, and some countries have begun to send troops to “arm” Ukraine.At present, there is a lot of tension between NATO, Ukraine and Russia.Late last month, the United States and Britain withdrew their diplomatic staff from Ukraine.The United States and NATO rejected Russia’s “red line” that NATO should not expand to the east, and submitted written responses to the draft bilateral security guarantee. Russia immediately replied that it was not satisfied and did not accept it.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.