Comparison of education situation between China and Canada

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Chinese universities are divided into “one”, “two” and “three”, and recruit students according to their college entrance examination scores.If the college entrance examination mistakes or exam results are not good, and some better universities pass by.Canadian universities: also divided into “doctoral”, “comprehensive” and “basic” categories.However, China’s universities are classified by standards, Canada is not, Canada is classified by the scale of the university and the purpose of running schools.Doctoral universities operate on a large scale and offer the most comprehensive courses. They are people-oriented, focusing on theoretical research and shaping excellent talents with high-end degrees.Comprehensive university is the same as a wide range of this master and eruite, but the art has specialized, it is likely that the curriculum setting is not as complete as the previous one;The faculty of the basic universities is well established, dominated by practical higher education.This kind of classification method has no relation with the educational level of the university.There is no shortage of comprehensive universities in Britain: graduates from basic universities are not necessarily less likely to find a job.What kind of university to choose depends on the purpose of the students.Think university undergraduate course graduates in stand horse job, comprehensive and basic kind university may be not 2 choice: if think all the way this, master, bo ground reads down, nature is the starting point of doctor kind university a few higher.Chinese universities: There are public and private universities in China.Characteristics are not the same, management mode, project investment level is not the same.Canadian universities key universities in Canada are all public, that is, funded by government departments.Canada carries out provincial management of culture and education, and all public universities are funded by provinces and cities and their management methods.In other words, Canada has no “national level” universities.As universities run by provinces and cities themselves, Canadian universities have a very obvious trend of localization.New Co-OP Program Canadian universities: Canadian universities are well known for their co-OP programs.Paid vacation probation is the university and a variety of large enterprises cooperation, students work part time (accurately said to be one-third “work”, two-thirds “study”), so that students have enough practice opportunities, during the university period for future students to lay a solid foundation for employment.Co-op is a highly targeted mode of university education, and the pleasant phrase “comprehensiveness” can be considered as a perfect play in this way.At this point, I have to mention the University of Waterloo.Although the ranking and overall strength of Skating University may not be as good as many, low price, but with the co-OP course content (especially “actuary”, “electronic computer” technology major), students have excellent core professional ability, the market prospect is extremely endless brilliant.This is also the reason why Chinese students love to choose slippery.Some other Universities in Canada also offer co-OP course content, such as SFU.Students can work in the training period, not only can get a certain cost, relieve the pressure of studying abroad, but also improve the work experience, which is of great benefit to the future employment of students.Four, the basic way to enter the university of Our country: the way to enter the university of China, the most can be said is the college entrance examination has been carried out at the present stage.It can be said that tens of thousands of people have crossed the river, and I need not elaborate on competitiveness.Canadian universities: international students want to enter Canadian universities, mainly based on the usual academic performance, college entrance examination scores, language expression and other standards.The application plan is more diverse.These methods can be based on pre-university studies, language expression core, and Canadian college transfer gpa.It can be said that the path to success in Canadian universities is very thoughtful.5. Curriculum setting and Selection of Chinese universities: The curriculum setting of Chinese universities is very detailed, but it has to be admitted that a disadvantage is that Chinese high school students must fill in the application form voluntarily before entering the university, to clarify the technical major.Except for some students who are clear about the technical major they want to know, most students are not very clear about the course learning, characteristics and development direction of this technical major.Many people will follow their parents’ advice, or pick a technical major when everyone else says it’s good.This causes a lot of people are not satisfied with their study of technical professional, will also greatly harm the future development trend.Canadian universities: Canadian universities only learn professional courses in the first year.At the end of the first year, subject content after the second year will be differentiated according to students’ test scores and wishes.At this time, students are already very clear about the technical specialty they want to work in in the future and the characteristics of each technical specialty.Canadian university curriculum is also very clever, students have a large independent choice space.Chinese universities: most of us have a certain degree in Chinese universities, students according to the examination questions, graduation defense, master’s degree and so on.Canadian universities: Undergraduate degrees in Canadian universities are different from those in China.In mathematics, for example, the Mathematical Mind School at UBC offers both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in basic Science.Directions are all about studying mathematics, but which kind of degree to take is relevant to your actual professional direction and course content selection.In addition, learn soil degree in general behind, Canada also has a “honor to learn soil” degree, want to learn a year after normal undergraduate course major commonly (31 years), ability can obtain this one degree.After university undergraduate course graduates, enters social development directly, it is ok to learn soil degree commonly, honor learns soil degree to make the finishing point only.However, this award is a necessary step on the way to further study for master’s and doctoral degrees in Canada.Seven, the study pressure of our university: everyone said that in our country read junior high school suffer, go to university is relatively easy.In fact, there is a much stronger service platform for going to college and having access to a lot of specialized knowledge.Students may have to study hard!Canadian universities: Public schools in Canada are general cultural education. Sending students to university is not the only or even the key goal of public junior high schools in Canada.But Canada’s public universities, especially those internationally famous universities, promote meritocracy education.And Canadian universities are indeed “strict and wide”, the failure rate is very high.Every year a large number of students are eliminated, and at the same time a large number of students are transferred from other universities or schools.Especially how many, low this kind of top students a lot of universities.Students’ study is very stressful.Canadian universities: Giant universities like The Duking Kong UBC have so many students that they usually have to make sure that their first year students move into student buildings on campus.After second grade, students are left to figure out how to deal with hotel accommodation.For postgraduate study abroad, most of them live in host families.There are several restaurants on campus, as well as a number of North American fast-food chains on campus.Students’ food expenses are paid by the university and then put into the student card. Students can eat all over the school with their consumption card and one card.The university is receiving training fee while, still can continue to pay brushstroke “student fee”, this one cost is dry, the student swims in campus inside, play basketball, skate, exercise fitness, by student card won’t charge another standard to use.Canadian university credits, go class, students have no solid class, the classroom, again plus he studied in the course content selecting, training process distribution, and other fields has a very big subjectivity and sensitivity, so even the same technology professional students to learn, does not necessarily have a lot of touch the opportunity, so we can not produce China university of that kind of smooth, close friends.Marriage among college friends is largely based on social media and extracurricular activities on campus.Canada has the world’s outstanding education system, its education system is recognized by students and parents around the world.The University of Toronto is the best Canadian university in The Times Global Rankings, followed by the University of British Columbia and McGill University in a solid third place.As the no. 1 in Canada, the University of Toronto can easily cope with the top Ivy league universities in Britain in terms of recruitment difficulty, university reputation, research achievements, teaching level and other different aspects.McGill University is one of only two Canadian universities on the list, along with the University of Toronto.The total number of scientific research papers published every year is only second to Harvard University in North America, and the total number of research papers introduced ranks among the top five in the world.That kind of overall strength, is all a university in China can not compare.If you want to know a lot of study abroad information, welcome to inquire