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Incoming material inspection, raw material storage, dressing, cutting, cleaning and disinfection, sorting and selection, cold storage……Workers are working hard to produce the third batch of “prepared dishes” for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Photo taken on Feb. 11, 2018 shows a busy scene at Shandong Delisi Food Co.,Ltd.During the Games, the “prepared dishes” needed by the village’s 8,000 staff and volunteers will be processed and delivered on demand.Shandong Penderley Food Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Delis Food Co., LTD., is working hard to produce the third batch of “prepared dishes” for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The quality of “prepared dishes” is recognized by the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is an epitome of the high-quality development of Zhucheng industry.At the beginning of the New Year, Zhucheng enterprises have rushed to catch the time to make orders, huifa Food, Maihe Automation, Aoyang Technology, Zhucheng foreign trade and a large number of backbone enterprises are striving for a “good start” of the first quarter with the attitude of “the beginning is a decisive battle, the beginning is a sprint”.The scenes of busy production and fast construction convey the responsibility of enterprises, which effectively promote the leapfrog development of zhucheng’s high quality economy.Sufficient orders, prosperous production and sales.On February 11, the reporter in Futian Automobile Group Zhucheng Aoling automobile factory to see, the workshop assembly line is a busy scene, workers orderly operation, debugging, to ensure product quality, ensure product delivery.It is reported that in 2021, foton Auto Group Zhucheng Aoling Auto Factory export orders increased by 50% year on year, another record high, 2022 young card car orders continue to grow substantially.On the same day, the reporter in fukuda era pilot-truck factory production workshop to see, the production line at full power, high-speed operation, workers are stepping up to make pilot-S1 market orders.In order to meet customer orders, Foton Zhucheng plant through the introduction of highly automated, intelligent production equipment, increase intelligent detection equipment, the use of environmental protection and energy saving technology and other means to achieve intelligent green production of the factory, clear annual business target of 305,000 vehicles, including the first quarter of 70,000 vehicles.Zhucheng vigorously promotes the “chain length system”, does a good job in strengthening, extending and supplementating the chain, and improves the development level of the whole industry chain.We will highlight 92 industrial enterprises that have implemented differentiated management and create a group of industry leaders.To strengthen the leading enterprises in subdivided fields, and continue to implement the cultivation plan of invisible champions, single champions, gazelle enterprises, and specialized new enterprises, forming a vivid situation of “indomiable” large enterprises and “overwhelming” small enterprises.We will pay great attention to the development of enterprises under the regulation and the standardization of the regulation, and strive to reach more than 1300 enterprises on the “four” in 2026, and over 300 industrial enterprises on the regulation in five years.The steel cord production workshop of Shandong Daye Co., LTD is a busy scene.In the steel cord production workshop of Shandong Daye Co., LTD., the reporter saw a series of automatic production line machines rumbling, workers busy in front of the electronic control table, carrying robots shuttling on the ground.”In January alone, our company received orders of nearly 20,000 tons of steel cord at home and abroad. Fifteen production lines in the factory worked overtime to rush production, and the daily output reached 600 tons. We are striving for delivery as scheduled.”The company steel cord line a factory director Cang Junxiang said, this year the company plans to increase 20% on the basis of last year, about 45 million yuan of RESEARCH and development investment, the new expansion of two production lines, through the transformation of workshop equipment and production line update, is expected to reach seven hundred tons per day, in order to innovate research and development leading enterprise high-quality development.Shandong Daye Co., LTD., as the national single champion demonstration enterprise in manufacturing industry and the invisible champion enterprise in Shandong Province, has a prominent position in the field of tire ring skeleton material. It is the world’s largest tire ring steel wire manufacturer, occupying more than 35% of the domestic market share and more than 16% of the global market share.The company speeds up the pace of intelligent upgrading and transformation, and fully implements high-end and international business development strategy to enhance and consolidate the company’s competitive position in the global rubber skeleton material industry.There is no one alone.Workers are working overtime in the workshop of Shandong Hengtian Chundi New Weaving Co., LTD., located in zhucheng High-tech zone.”Our company has established long-term cooperative relations with well-known domestic cosmetics enterprises, and the daily production is about 30 tons. Entering 2022, the products are in short supply, and the orders have been lined up until the end of June.”Shandong Hengtian Spring new weaving Co., LTD. Production workshop director Yang Zongping said, as zhucheng 2021 new enterprises, the construction of 50,000 tons of non-woven new weaving project phase I project, from the contract to trial production less than half a year.The company is accelerating the construction of the second phase of the project, which is expected to be put into operation in the first half of this year, with an annual production scale of 10,000 tons, an output value of 100 million yuan and an increase of more than 300 local jobs.The vivid zhucheng practice brings profound enlightenment: industrial development is the highlight of Zhucheng’s development, and project construction is the “bull nose” of Zhucheng’s development.If there are new highlights in project construction, there will be new breakthroughs in industrial development and new progress in high-quality development.Zhucheng insists that everything revolves around the project, everything focuses on the project, implements the good contact system, helps solve the existing difficulties and problems in time, and promotes the early completion, early production and early efficiency of the project.We will always focus on safety, strengthen management of construction sites, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and safety management, and truly build every project into a reliable and high-quality project, constantly creating new advantages of high-quality development.Weifang Daily all media reporter: Yin Lili/wentu Correspondent: Xu Chunguang