Kaifeng Qiushi South School: enjoy spring scenery and solve puzzles happily

2022-06-16 0 By

In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture, enrich the children’s after-school life, improve the children’s cultural literacy, kaifeng Qiushi South School seventh grade Chinese group carefully prepared a thousand word riddle on the campus, let the children immersed in the fun of guessing word puzzles at the same time feel the charm of traditional culture!In order to get every child involved, the teachers of grade 7 Chinese group prepared 3000 riddles and hung them in the playground, including characters, idioms, characters and other riddles!With the right to guess the riddle issued prizes, but also can exchange rich small prizes!Riddle, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation!Seemingly simple words, but need children to use their brains, a person may be difficult to crack, so many children are in groups of three or five, or have their own “brain trust”, come together to crack!Guess the right to quickly go to the answer to get the prize, looking at the children guess the speed of the answer, xiaobian think language group teacher is also unexpected!In the lively activities, the children not only understood the charm of traditional culture, but also improved their literary literacy, but also exercised their ability of unity and cooperation, which is probably the most beautiful campus story in spring!(Fu Haitao) Email: chinaxiaokanghn@163.com