Kate Middleton has broken a strict royal diet that the Queen has followed for 70 years

2022-06-16 0 By

The queen has always been a reserved, energetic, confident and quiet monarch, as we can see from her statements and actions.The Queen is even very secretive about her food choices — and for good reason — but Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge, seems to have accidentally broken her golden rule.The royal family has many rules and protocols to follow, from a strict dress code to how to conduct themselves in public, which is not always easy to follow.Kate Middleton, for example, seems to have broken the Queen’s golden dinner rule.During her 70 years on the throne, the Queen is believed to have never revealed her favourite food outside the palace.In fact, not even some of her own chefs.Royal insiders have previously revealed that she keeps her food preferences secret so she doesn’t eat the same dishes at every official event.It also shows that the Queen really loves life and expects different surprises.Gordon Rayner, a former royal correspondent for The Telegraph, has learned from royal staff that if The Queen has a favourite meal, she can’t taste anything else.It’s also an unwritten rule of royal dining, never knowing what’s coming next.But back in 2018, Kate broke with that tradition during an official visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she chatted about her family with Rafael Chana, 4, who was waiting for a heart transplant at the hospital.When it comes to food, Raphael tells Kate that he loves olives, and Kate replies that she loved olives as a child, too.”I used to eat lots and lots of olives as a kid,” Kate revealed.They also talked about their love of pasta, with Kate saying that her own daughter Charlotte also loves pasta.The royal correspondent Rebecca English later tweeted: “The Duchess of Cambridge revealed today that her daughter Princess Charlotte loves olives and has encouraged her daughter and Prince George to cook with her.”As for the Queen, while her favourite food remains a secret, a former royal chef has revealed that she loves chocolate cake.The Queen loves chocolate cake very much and wants to eat it every day.She’ll eat a little piece every day until there’s only a little piece left, but you’d better take the cake up because she wants to eat the whole cake.