Yi Yangqianxi, HU Bingqing, BY2, Tang Yan, Xie Na, ZHOU Yangqing, JU Jingyi, Wu Xin

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1. Zhang Dada is very low-key now. He doesn’t even play the game any more, because every time the game is attended by minor stars, and those a-list actresses don’t come to praise him.Yoko Yamami has said many times before that she wants to lose weight, but she has failed every time.3. Hu Bingqing, Gao Weiguang starred in the “Special war action” in CCTV 8 broadcast, plus is the main melody of the drama, if the drama can fire in fact, the actor’s addition is quite large.But hu bing qing promoted by tang human, but heat is not high, on the Internet before and there are still affected by Zhang Mingen xu small between the three events, especially her face and her style is pure hung, more let many audiences have a sense of fragmentation, word of mouth it a long time not to be able to slow, is now almost make a robot, or not,She doesn’t have a presence even if she buys a hot search.Xing Fei still has a certain market in the field of romance dramas, starring in small sweet drama results are also good, cost-effective many plays are quite like to use her.She is very obedient to the arrangement of the company, basically is to shoot what, she herself is not in a hurry to seek transformation, development has been quite Buddhist.5. Tang Yixin did buy a lot of marketing press releases recently, but she has not caused the aversion of netizens because of the excessive press releases, and once the status of netizens shows a slight negative status, she will immediately stop marketing.To be honest, buying marketing is really very addictive. If Tang Yixin is worried about the future development trend, she might as well end it in advance. After all, it takes a certain amount of time to finish the work, and she can’t do things according to the point.6. Jiang Zhenyu’s agent is about in Jia Shikai, signed to the goose factory, the goose factory has a high level like her, every marketing directly to buy her a hot, her hot search than other women love beans, earlier her New Year’s party stage also hot a, after she will start filming.1. Zhang Han now quite decline of, there was a “hot search constitution” before the ex-girlfriend can rub, now what heat all rub less than, even bully total script are not connected.By2’s sister is still working on her “whitewashing” recently. She is buying articles one after another, just to prove that she did not interfere in the marriage of Wang Leehom and Li Lianglei.3. Jiang Shuying’s film and television resources have been good, the project to contact is often a big production, but the acting and strength has been questioned, can not carry the drama is no audience.This period of time is low-key development, marketing strength weakened a lot, a group of basic no news, the topic is not much.4. Liu Yuning in the circle of popularity can also, now there are many male two, male three roles will find him, but also let him sing OST.Some time ago, someone advised him to give up broadcasting and concentrate on acting, but he refused.He thinks everyone develops in a different way, so he’s perfect for live streaming.5. The interests between Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have not been fully calculated, but she does not worry about when these interests will be transferred to her own name. After all, she is somewhat despising these interests now, and she does not want to give up because she wants to make a thorough settlement with the past.Moreover these interests are wasted also strange pity, get their own hands for second processing, can not possibly play a new role, so not anxious is one thing, can not let these waste.Tang Yan is talking about luo Yiwei’s endorsement recently. Her luxury resources are getting better. The business side is aiming at her stage finished flower, promising that Wong Kar-wai’s work can burst.1. Xena has also read the scripts now. She used to advocate free play, and the scripts are too much for her.2. Xi Mengyao can’t stay at her mother-in-law’s house for the Spring Festival this year. She had planned to stay with her mother-in-law, but her mother-in-law didn’t look up to her.1. Jackson Yi is the most likely actor to become the first post-2000 generation to earn 10 billion yuan at the box office. His leading role has earned 8.765 billion yuan, and the two films released during the Spring Festival this year are still very likely to hit 10 billion yuan.The team and fans are also worried that he will be killed, so they emphasize that he is serious about filming, among other things, to help him build a down-to-earth actor image.4.Baby is now investing with Jing Boran, who is one of the only true friends in her circle.5. Zhou Yangqing just with a few words to show the return path of destruction again, so she was in the ring’s status has improved, and the talk has a component, want to had no matter what she says, but don’t know when it happened, but now he can influence the development of an artist, this change is really huge,After all, many artists want to have this change I do not know how many years to struggle, but she can achieve such a goal in a short time, I really do not know whether she is lucky, or luo Zhixiang’s development stopped, these are really hard to tell.6 Chen Feiyu has buried the line ready to fire and Zhang Jingyi real CP, before the play finished, he deliberately did not go, stay for a few days such as Zhang Jingyi finished, send her flowers to send cake, Zhang Jingyi team are laughing at Chen Feiyu too want to red, any one may circle the topic will not let go.1. Du Chun recently brought his wife home for the Spring Festival. He also asked her to take the initiative to serve his in-laws, including cooking breakfast in the early morning.2. The diamond ring in baby’s hand will be returned to her ex-husband, after all, it was her ex-husband who bought it, now they are separated, the diamond ring is also changing hands.3. Wu Xin’s career is still going on step by step. Although it has been ridiculed that it is difficult to turn over a fish without ambition, the host has long been a sideline for her.She is indeed not valued by the stage, coupled with the strength and style of the host, has not been the opportunity to play the leading role, but also know that they are now difficult to toss out patterns.4. The actress whose husband has been arrested has a dark background. Her father was in this circle and nobody dared to touch her before.5. Is Wang Han interested in collaborating with He Jiong?Now both of them have similar ideas, one is because his teammates don’t give force, one is want to jilt to take off the obstacles, breakthrough own development bottleneck, by the way, the two sides although the starting point is different, but it must be admitted if they cooperate, the program create natural, not sure can solve the plight of mango Taiwan, such a win-win-win business who are willing to try,Just want to put it into action still need professionals serious planning, hope professionals can use the fastest speed to create a perfect plan.6. Ju Jingyi now sees a talent show actress is frozen by the company, she is quite sad, secretly also teasing that talent show actress does not know good or bad, and the company just…Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN