A mixed blessing!World champion Yu Ziyang thrashed The Japanese ping players, another world junior champion 0-3 defeat

2022-06-17 0 By

On March 25th, WTT Doha star tournament continued, in the end of the second round of qualifying part of the matches, the Chinese players, happy and sad, how to say it?So surprise!Yu Ziyang, the 25-year-old world champion, is the only world champion in the Doha table tennis tournament. His characteristic is that he usually plays in one round, but he was very good this time. He beat Japan 3-0 in the first qualifying match and 3-1 in the second round.It was a big surprise to make it through the second round.Yuan Licen, 21, WTT Doha regular season champion of men’s singles, beat Yuto Kinzo 3-1 against the same Japanese table tennis player, showing very good form and rhythm.Other Chinese players who finished victorious were Zhang Rui 3-0 Illina, Yang Huijing 3-1 Caroline, Xue Fei 3-2 Zhao Dcheng and Sun Wen 3-2 Benedek.15 floret by ping an elder sister, tournament champion 3-0 defeat in the women’s competition, the 15 year-old floret QinYu xuan in the first round of qualifying win over Chinese Taipei huang yi-hua 37 years old, the second round of ping an elder sister in law, 37-year-old Yuan Jianan, this just beat ITO beauty cheng on grand slam player, to the player a suddenly and violently dozen, QinYu xuan 3-0 down.Men’s team competition, in the 16-year-old world youth championship team champion Chen Yuanyu against Singapore player Fung Yiu ‘en, Chen Yuanyu bitter five games, 2-3 defeated opponents, showing a very fight, but the result of the world bitter.In addition to Qin Yuxuan, Chen Yuanyu, the first round of qualification after the end of the world youth singles champion Shi Xunyao, world youth women’s team champion Chen Yi, a 0-3 Qi Fei, a 0-3 Zhang Benmei and, both suffered a round of swimming.March 26th, the second qualifying round will continue, Guo Ping Qi Fei, Fan Siqi, Zhu Sibing, Zhou Qihao, Liu Dingshuo, Yang Huijing will continue to attack, look forward to their courage to fight, swing, in doha, constantly show the spirit of The Nation ping, come on!