In 2022, there will be “three bans” on farmland, and inspections will be more stringent to ensure that villagers do not violate the rules

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With the development of urban and rural areas, the area of arable land in cities is not very much.China is a country with a large population and so many people need to eat. Although hybrid rice technology will indeed increase the yield of rice, if the arable land is not enough, people will not be able to eat.▲ Arable land There are some villages close to the cities where development is necessary, some businessmen will open some development projects or infrastructure projects in the village, the arable land in the countryside is even less.At present, China’s demand for food is very high, and the government has to take some measures to protect land resources. Therefore, in 2022, there is no guarantee for farmland. After the implementation of this policy, the inspection will be more strict, and villagers cannot violate the rules.What is the meaning of the three inaccuracies of farmland after all?Let’s get to know it, villagers.This requirement should have been set up at a very early time, but the villagers still insist on violating this requirement, so this requirement will be more severe this year.In the past, the village committee was very tolerant of the villagers’ idea that if you want to build a house on cultivated land, it is ok.First of all, you have to make an application and get the approval of the village council before you can build a house.But the villagers do not follow this procedure. They do whatever they want. They think that the village committee is really dissatisfied, but they will not take any measures against us.But this year, the situation is different, as long as the violation of relevant regulations, disorderly occupation of farmland, once found, the house will be demolished.▲ In the land to build a house is not allowed to leave the permanent farmland idle abandoned we see this paragraph most want to know is what is permanent farmland?This kind of farmland is high quality farmland, and it is high standard farmland.This kind of farmland is once in a hundred years and produces a lot of food.If this kind of land is left idle and abandoned, it will cause a very serious waste.What’s more, China’s current situation is that there are more people and less land. It is not enough to grow food by relying on these cultivated areas. We can only import food from other countries.So from this year, if this kind of land is wasted for whatever reason, the relevant person in charge will be informed immediately, and then the owner of the land will be asked to re-use and re-cultivate.Villagers should have grown crops and vegetables, they should grow these economic benefits are not very much, and the natural environment and market influence, so people will no longer grow food and choose to grow fruit and trees.Fruit costs more than grain and sells well.Now express delivery is so developed that it will not damage much to transport these fruits to different parts of the country.They think this behavior has brought them great benefits, but they do not know that they have broken some rules.Village committees and other departments stop the practice whenever it is found that the arable land is being used to grow fruit.In this year’s words will be more strict, we do not violate the relevant provisions.▲ Fruit forest summary: the main purpose of cultivated land area is to grow crops, the people mainly to eat, in order to protect these land resources will have three.From this year, the inspection will be more strict. Once discovered, measures will be taken immediately. Villagers must not break the rules.