The new media publicity month of Guilin was officially launched

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Guangxi News Network Guilin, April 2 – (reporter Jiang Yao) April 1, 2022 “Guilin Report to You” new media publicity month launch ceremony was held in Lingui District Wutong town.The scene of the launch ceremony.Guangxi news correspondent Tang Guo penang taken this awareness month net letter by autonomous region party committee office, guilin municipal party committee propaganda department, guilin municipal party committee net letter in the office, in the guangxi district committee, the district people’s government to undertake, guangxi will focus on the “guilin” report to you conduct online media guilin lines, trill short video topic, theme promotional activities such as live to take goods, characteristics,Fully display the new image of Guilin as a world-class tourist city suitable for business, living, entertainment and tourism, and actively create a good atmosphere for the city to welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.The webmaster is on the air.According to reports, “Guilin Reports to You” network media activities in Guilin, will organize the central government, autonomous regions and local network news media to carry out grassroots activities,Deep into the red army long march xiangjiang campaign memorial, the lijiang river, xiangshan scenic area, the efficacious canal, the office of the eighth route army guilin memorial, GuiHai forest of steles museum, drama creation research center in guilin, yangshuo, longsheng, such as a line at the grass-roots level, based on the perspective, reflect the masses of all nationalities, under the strong leadership of the party, DangEn, listen to the party, go with the party,Focus on building socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, a new chapter of Guilin in Guangxi.”# Guilin Report to You” douyin short video topic, invite network activists, mobilize and organize short video enthusiasts, art groups, enthusiastic citizens to actively participate in the creation and join the topic.Red cultural landmarks such as the Memorial Park of the Long March Xiangjiang Campaign of the Red Army and the Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army’s Guilin office;Guilin Drama Creation Research Center, Guihai Stele Forest Museum, Zhenpiyan Relic Site, Ling Canal and other historical and cultural landmarks;Lijiang River, Elephant Trunk Mountain, two Rivers and four lakes scenic spots and other landscape cultural landmarks.The counties and districts of Guilin city live broadcast to sell local specialties.Yang Yanyan, member of the Standing Committee of guilin Municipal Committee and head of the Publicity Department, said at the launch ceremony that Guilin is a famous historical and cultural city with the best mountains and rivers in the world, and the people of all ethnic groups in the city have made concerted efforts to promote rural revitalization, industrial revitalization, science and education revitalization, ecological civilization construction, red culture inheritance and other key work.Today, Guilin is stepping forward from a charming city with the best mountains and rivers to a world-class tourist city.Guilin is willing to work with all friends of new media to present a new image of Guilin as a world-class tourist city.After the launching ceremony, yeo yann yann also appear with the host to various counties (city, area) platform, through the way of live, leading people to experience GongCheng oil-tea production process, show the high-tech products such as stabilizer, fascia gun, promote “guilin rice noodles” set “osmanthus” “GongCheng camellia” “yangshuo kumquat” “abstract” guilin characteristics such as product,At the same time, it also introduces guilin’s long history and culture to the netizens, and further enhances guilin’s reputation and popularity.During the publicity month, all counties (cities and districts) in Guilin will combine local history and culture, delicious food and beautiful scenery, and characteristic industries to organize live webcasting experts to carry out live webcasting activities on E-commerce platforms such as Douyin, JINGdong and Taobao to boost local economic development.At the same time, closely around the country revitalization, industries, science and education revitalize, business environment, ecological protection, ethnic unity beauty, history, culture, food, agricultural and sideline products, to create civilized city, such as propaganda, widely launch area of villages and towns (street), community, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and individuals engaged in new media publicity, begin the conduct propaganda theme activities.In addition, all units of Guilin city made full use of the new media platform of the system and the industry to make intensive voices, and widely mobilized the staff of the unit and the system to actively participate in the activities and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to participate in the publicity.