Tiger spring day hiking, Zhongshan Tianxin Forest Park, located at the foot of the main peak of Wugui Mountain

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Always on the road, find beauty, share happiness!Zhongshan ancient known as xiangshan, ancient here is a sea, Wugui Mountain and Phoenix Mountain is floating in the sea of fairy island, because of the island rich strange fragrant flowers and named Xiangshan.Xiangshan County was established in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was the hometown of Sun Yat-sen and was renamed Zhongshan in honor of him after his death in 1925.After liberation, Zhuhai city was established, and some areas were assigned to Zhuhai.At present, Wugui Mountain is located in Zhongshan and Phoenix Mountain is located in Zhuhai.On the fourth day of the first month of the year of the Tiger, it is the day of the beginning of spring. The long-lost sunshine broke through the siege of the cold current that invaded many days, and finally shone on the southern land. Seizing this rare opportunity, we came to the Tiexin Forest Park at the foot of the main peak of The Wugui Mountain to walk and welcome the arrival of spring.Tianxin Forest Park is the first forest park in Zhongshan, but because it is relatively remote, the traffic in the past is not particularly convenient, the people to play here, relative to the jinzhong reservoir and arboria in the city are much less.The new Tanzhou Express line has narrowed the distance between it and the city, and more people choose to come here.There is a road named Cuishan Road, from the valley of Wugui Mountain through the mountain, along this road can reach the depths of Wugui Mountain, Tianxin Forest Park was built here.Happy Valley is located in the northwest of Wugui Mountain, tianxin Park is in the southeast.There is an ecological parking lot at the entrance of Huanshan Park, which should be able to park hundreds of cars, but the ground is simply paved with gravel, which can be muddy after rain.There is no entrance fee and parking is free.Ring Mountain forest park is characterized by trees and good air, tianxin is no exception, of course, very suitable for hiking.Tianxin Park is mainly composed of ring road and climbing stone steps.Ring Mountain road is built in the valley, the slope is relatively gentle, the whole journey takes about one hour down, not too much exercise.If you want to climb the mountain, the distance is relatively long, it is said to take three hours, there is a certain demand for physical strength.This time over, only walked the ring mountain road, climbing trail failed to experience.There is a large lawn at the entrance of the park. Because it is in the valley, the wind is low, so it is very suitable to sit and rest here.Compared with The Admiralty Reservoir, the hiking trail here is shorter, but there is a certain slope, the walking is not so boring, but there is no admiralty reservoir wide water, the lack of some spirituality.And compared with the arboretum, tianxin has the ring road and the climbing stone steps, and the arboretum is more climbing stone steps, which will have more advantages in leisure.Old tree tianxin park next to the valley, built tianxin reservoir, storage of Wugui Mountain spring, is a level of water protection.To the northwest of the park, there is also a Yixian reservoir.Zhulin station at the highest point of the ring road, to the northwest, you can see the TV tower on Mount Wugui.The TV tower is a good place for hiking because of the high mountain and the long road. The entrance of the mountain is just across the road from Tiexin Park, so mountaineering enthusiasts must not miss it.(Geeks take over)