128 flat MUJI warm tone + solid wood texture, unlock casual daily life into a poem

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The owners of this case shared by xiaobi today are Wu Xiaomi and her husband. They like MUJI’s warm colors and solid wood texture. They want to be at home in a relaxed and natural state.This is an off-site design. From preliminary design to final occupancy, the designer followed up the construction disclosure, main material selection and soft outfit collocation through face-to-face communication, on-site communication and network communication, and cooperated closely with the owner to complete the warm home.▲ Defects in the original layout: 1. The original four-room house was square, but the function ratio of the whole house was fragmented.2. The master bedroom is too small to accommodate a cloakroom.3. The active line is meandering and not concise enough.4. There is no indoor shoe change space.5. Small kitchen space.▲ Plane layout design strategy: 1. Open quiet area corridor, improve the moving line.2. Make an open kitchen and add an island to form an interaction with the guest restaurant.3. Reforming the function proportion, the original two secondary bedrooms are converted into the master bedroom suite, accommodating the cloakroom and independent toilet.4. The original master bedroom and master bathroom are used as children’s room and public health, and plenty of storage and desks are reserved in advance for future children.5. The multi-functional room in the hall uses the bay window to increase the desk function, and the switch socket is reserved in advance to facilitate the later use as a guest room.Hallway does ARK of L shoe to add change shoe stool, increase receive and use convenience, often wear slipper, key bag to be able to conveniently get put.After made independent porch, convenient place the slipper after taking the door, helmet, hang clothings and so on.The public space forms the LDK spatial pattern with the living room as the core.Japanese-style wood is used as the key to match the whole house with lockers, wood floors and solid wood furniture to form the interaction between space and characters and improve the functional layout.3 meters long big sofa is specially customized on the net, the colour of sofa cloth also is to choose for many times and decide, the material of comfortable soft cotton hemp is qualitative and the solid wood frame of sturdy massiness interweaves.Plank tea table serves as visual center steadily, it is mat with carpet, sit around and huan.The originally small kitchen was opened to add an island, which forms a natural connection with the dining table and increases the space of the kitchen and dining room.The kitchen used 300*600 processing of small white brick, gap natural, with wood color cabinets.Table can give two more positions when family dinner is pulled open again, the wall floor tile collocation of white and ash and mountain grain ambry are the classic match color of kitchen of style of Day type northern Europe.The western kitchen that breaks traditional stable custom-made form, replace with the 9 dou ark of finished product final result also is another charm.Small home appliances are put, cups show storage, drinking water appliances are stored very well.Dining-room still designed main lamp, have dinner more ritual feeling and atmosphere feeling, dimensional appearance level, temperament pulls full.The enlarged master bedroom has its own closet and bathroom.Milk tea color throughout the house, bamboo chandelier light is slow, to the sleeping area to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.Cloakroom store content to be given priority to with white, corner uses the part that the form that shows will weaken chicken ribcage, can put coat coat here or need not often clean the clothings that wash, store content to whole wall infuse trifling breath feeling.Children’s room is used as guest room at present, storage, writing, display, bedtime and other functions are satisfied, as an independent children’s room to provide sufficient growth of children’s small environment.Children room also has powerful store content function, did corner chest.The bay window of original irregular shape passes the form of store content ark, after filling, get space release again through another kind of form.Small bedroom serves as independent study at present, use wave window to increase the form make it desk of drawer to use, study, game, free link waits to get the greatest satisfaction.The main area is also expanded, change the direction of the door, dry and wet separation.It is also a very good choice for those who prefer squatting.