“Five one” activities “county CPPCC agriculture group members to carry out Spring Festival condolence activities

2022-06-18 0 By

On January 25, Zhong Guangliang, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, led some CPPCC members of the agricultural group to carry out the Spring Festival consolation activities jointly with enterprises.Zhong Guangliang and his party successively went to zhou Cheng street nursing home, Shahe station town nursing home, Pengji street nursing home, Sheep town nursing home and Ladder door town nursing home, for the old people to bring flour, oil and other daily necessities.And to the staff to understand the elderly’s body, life, diet and other aspects of the situation, at the same time, he asked the nursing home staff to take good care of the elderly’s daily life, do a good job of epidemic prevention, strengthen safety precautions, so that every old man is old, old to depend on, eat warm, safe winter.