Net legend happy Rui century owes taxes nearly ten million?The company responded that night: historical legacy issues, has nothing to do with business

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At the beginning of the New Year, when the eyes of all walks of life are still focused on the Spring Festival film carnival, film and television company Happy Rui Century (000892) unfortunately into a tax owed nearly 10 million public opinion storm.According to the enterprise chacha information on February 10, huan Rui century added tax arrears of 9.77 million yuan, in this respect, the evening of the same day, Huan Rui Century quickly issued a statement that the network spread tax arrears article is inconsistent with the facts, tax arrears are historical legacy, has nothing to do with business.H&R Century Union Corporation new tax arrears announcement, the amount of more than 9.77 million, tax arrears for value-added tax, issued by the State Administration of Taxation, Chongqing Fuling District Tax Bureau.Later, the news of the tax debt nearly 10 million yuan quickly became a hot topic on Weibo.In view of the above situation, on the evening of February 10, Happy Rui Century issued a statement that the recent Internet appeared on the “Happy Rui Century owed taxes” and other related articles, the above article is inconsistent with the facts, the system shows the “owed taxes” words, is due to historical legacy problems, has nothing to do with the operation of Happy Rui Century,And the above problems have been solved as early as in the bankruptcy restructuring stage of Star United, and will not have a further impact on the operation of Happy Rui Century.In the statement, Happy Century responded that the “outstanding tax balance” in the information released by the State Administration of Taxation in Fuling, Chongqing, was caused by relevant facts before 2008.In fact, Star Beauty Union Co., Ltd. has not been included in the Huanrui System, which has nothing to do with the operation behavior after star Beauty Union was included in the Huanrui Century system in 2015 and changed its name to H&R Century Union Corporation in 2017. There is no related tax arrears in the operation of Huanrui Century.Happy Rui century also said that the article involved in the problem, in the star united in 2008 bankruptcy restructuring, has been according to the “Chinese bankruptcy Law” and the relevant civil ruling was clearly identified, star United also according to the ruling in 2011 before the liquidation of the relevant tax arrears, the history of tax arrears has been resolved.Huan rui century, according to the above situation, the company has already fully illustrated in the relevant regulatory authority, the company will continue to maintain close communication with relevant departments, to properly solve the technical problems of legacy data processing, hope to fully understand the facts from all walks of life, to avoid the misunderstanding, and then to the company’s normal business, reputation, and the lawful rights and interests of investors.From a fundamental point of view, after a dismal 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19, The whole Of 2021 will be in a state of recovery.On January 28, Huanrui Century released results forecast that the company is expected to achieve operating revenue of 470 million yuan in 2021, 185 million yuan in the same period last year, a year-on-year growth of 154%, the company is expected to net profit loss of 110 million yuan in 2021, year-on-year loss reduction of 86%, the company lost about 785 million yuan in the same period last year.For 2021 performance, Huanrui Century further explained that during the reporting period, the company’s operating income mainly comes from film and television drama sales business and artist brokerage business, compared with the same period last year increased by 154.14%.The company made a prudent assessment of the assets such as accounts receivable, inventory and goodwill at the end of the report period. In 2021, the company confirmed an impairment loss of about 110 million yuan, resulting in a loss attributable to net profit.It is reported that in 2021, The films and TV series that Joy Century will premiere on various platforms include Genting Tiangong, No Goodbye, Song of The King, The Eye Crisis, The Twilight of The Past and The Legend of the Emperor 2, etc. The company is currently creating films and TV series (including non-executive productions).Including “ten years a product such as warm words”, “South wind knows my meaning”, “Yao Xiang Legend”, “aloes such as dust”, “Qianqiu Ling” and so on;Films and TV series that have obtained distribution licenses or online record numbers are “South Wind Knows My Mind”, “Rights and Benefits”, “Yujun Song” and “Genting Tiangong”.As of the announcement disclosure date, Huanrui Century has Ren Jialun, Cheng Yi, Li Xiaoran, Zhang Yuxi, Ying er, Hou Mengyao, Han Dong, Yuan Bingyan and other signed artists.It is worth mentioning that, before that, Huanrui Century had announced that the company participated in the film “Changjin Lake”, but the income of only 1.8 million yuan.In addition, huan rui century also participated in the production of the film bears, returning to the earth, as of February 6, 2022, the company from the film’s revenue (currently at the box office) is about 7.5 million yuan, at present, the film is still in theaters, the film copyright in mainland China sales revenue has not yet been settled.