World of Warcraft: P3 phase of the dark herd installation recommendation, output explosion also have to go the rapid flow route?

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Good life, day day up!Ok, hello.I’m your cat uncle. Nice to see you again!Time, and an ordinary player consulting meow uncle about P3 after the dark pastoral outfit, so today he came!As dark Shepherd, one of TBC’s three main law tools, Meow says that as a mage player, I really love having a dark shepherd on my team.So dark P3 equipment collocation can also be from the T6 set to look at the first.The dark shepherd’s two-piece pardon set lengthens the enemy’s pain duration by 3 seconds, causing the enemy to scream “Oh, don’t hurt like this, I can’t stand it anymore!”A 4 piece set increases your mind blast damage by 10%.For the effect of the two sets of dark shepherd’s overall improvement is very awesome, meow uncle is also in-depth exploration through all kinds of information, basically for the overall system output can have more than 5% of the improvement, it is really sweet.So the implication is that 4T6 is what you need.So what are the four things that make the most sense?The cat recommends starting, head, shoulders, chest and legs, as pants have elemental energy so they can be dropped.Four T6 in the body, whether hit or hit is quite to force, method injury naturally need not say more, after all, slot reward can be attached to the method of injury ah, simply let meow uncle can’t help poking up the ceiling, even if the wind and rain still can’t stop!In terms of the element guide this three-slot high hit high critical hit high spell damage is already all French output necessary leg equipment, can be called poke the ceiling level, see it, meow uncle is already in position to raise his hands to poke the ceiling of my house, I poke, POKE, poke, poke, poke!Said the choice of 4T4, will see necklace again, after all, the dark shepherd that does not have brain method to hurt accumulation says this leitsen loses pendant to act the role ofing will be your not 2 choice assertively, do not ask why, asked is graduation.It’s the perfect thing to shoot straight through the ceiling and shine through the solar system, but MEow, I keep poking!Shoulder meow uncle personally recommend empty spirit, why, because to 53 shadow damage, can also is what is right, and there are some players recommended P3 into pits rapid genre sp, personally, I still don’t recommend, after all, such as sp profession actually is not eat too fast and hit, crit, but you don’t have to think about,So it’s still on the basis of legal injury.Since the law injury is the basis, then the recommendation of wrist guard is also coming out, right is our magic focus on wrist guard, we do not need to buy high money sharp thinking wrist guard, personally really do not recommend.Of course, if you are eager to get quick, then directly to AH to buy sharp thinking wrist protector is also no problem!However, the wristband is still relatively expensive, and Meow uncle also thinks that the overall benefits of Speed for dark shepherd are really not so terrible, so you can wait and start again!In terms of belts, endless belt is a sure thing, after all, high spell damage really can.However, if you have already purchased the impact belt, cat uncle does not recommend wasting gold to replace it, unless you have a lot of money, then cat uncle I did not say anything.Shoes if it is dark line tailor then must frost dark line boots, as for not so start to call the sea slippers meow uncle personal fault tolerance rate is high, after all, the double slot property is also quite good.There is nothing wrong with the ring of Ancient Knowledge or the Ring of Storm Mastery if you stick with the dark shepherd all the way.Ornaments I think there will be doubts in the hearts of players with dreams of the dark shepherd!Meow, meow, should I grab the bone or not?This problem I and you say so, average player think expedition card has graduated is brand adorn article collocation, if you are RMB fighters then please yourself “pa” beat meow uncle of my face is swollen when I didn’t say anything.In terms of weapons, the maelstrom or the judging hammer and the blind Prophet are enough.As for the dog stick or the black book and so on that will be left to the dark shepherd with the dream.After all, like Uncle Meow, the priest basically does not touch the dark shepherd. After all, although he is also a tool man, uncle Meow said that ring Shepherd already eats ribs very sweet ha ha ha!Generally speaking, dark shepherd is for the team or the role of tool man. If you are not pursuing the ultimate experience, there is really no need to fight for bones or dog sticks and so on.And if you want it, it’s a friendship boat with the warlock master and it’s a real flip.For wands, focus or star of oblivion are both good, you can choose your own.Summary down a word, the dark shepherd group this demand is big, but the tool man is given priority to, everyone can rest assured to eat sparerbs!Ok, so this episode of Meow uncle has some personal insights about the P3 stage of dark grazing equipment collocation choice, please share here, if you have better ideas can also leave a message to share with Meow uncle, Meow uncle will be crazy for you to like oh.PS: I also hope that you can stay true to your original aspiration in today’s game environment of fast food era and regain your original wow feelings!World of Warcraft, our other world!