Xu Mengtao wins the FILA aeristry title and witness a moment of glory

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Create a new winter Olympics history!Beijing, Feb. 15, 2022 / PRNEWswire / — The women’s freestyle skiing aerials final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to a close at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on Sunday night.China’s Xu Mengtao stunned the audience with a 4.293 back/full-full-full routine in the final, scoring 108.61 points to win China’s first gold medal in women’s aerial skills.China’s Kong Fanyu also did well, scoring 102.71 in the first round to advance to the final and finishing sixth in the competition.Women accounted for 45 percent of Olympic athletes, a record high, and competed in 46 of the 109 events.Popular athlete Gu Ailing, Italian short track speed skater Anna Fontana, double gold medalist Marte Osberg, erin Jackson, the first black woman to win an individual gold medal in history, and many other brilliant female athletes have left indelible memories for the world at this Winter Olympics.Let us return to this tearful night, ten years drink ice, hard to cool blood, looking back on xu Mengtao and Kong Fanyu’s extraordinary and twists and turns of career, you will be amazed at all the success is not accidental, they reflect the kind of more setbacks more brave, never say die valuable quality, especially moving.Xu Mengtao, a member of the National freestyle skiing aerials team, was crowned with grace and glory in the air. She joined Hands with FILA to witness the grand journey.Xu Mengtao interprets the power of love and persistence with her life.Xu Mengtao has been in the sport for nearly 20 years and has won numerous titles, both big and small. She is the current world champion, but the “king of snow” is short of only one winter Olympic gold medal to complete the final crown.Sochi in 2014 and Pyeongchang in 2018 both came back with regrets.Years of snowfield competition, let Xu Mengtao’s body scars, knee anterior cross belt fracture, medial collateral ligament sprain, medial meniscus posterior Angle deformation, multiple bone contusions, joint fluid…The list of injuries is enough to make the average person shudder.Whenever her parents urged her to retire and recuperate out of love, she always refused, because she wanted to win a meaningful gold medal in the Winter Olympics for the Chinese women’s aerials team and, of course, for herself, which seemed to be her unfinished mission.This time at home, the “four dynasties veteran”, finally lived up to expectations, dream success!After winning the gold medal, Xu Mengtao held up the five-star red flag. Kong Fanyu, another contestant, also showed great respect for her life.Let we will back to the time line in January 2017, it was Kong Fan her to the dark moments of life, she suffered in a training athletes to smell of “left knee cruciate ligament rupture” after the injury, in order to miss of pyeongchang winter games a year later, she had chosen to conservative treatment, and from his best instead of two weeks, three weeks is almost from scratch to prepare for.Had she not been injured, she might have won more than a bronze medal.After a long and painful recovery from reconstructive posterior cruciate ligament surgery, She finally returned to the sport and won a silver medal at the 2021 World Cup in Luka, Finland.This time at home, she still successfully advanced to the final with her strength, but unfortunately missed the medal with her last jump, which is the cruelty of competitive sports, we still want to praise her perseverance!Kong Fanyu, a member of the National freestyle skiing aerials team, never abandons and never gives up, striving again and again from adversity, which is the spiritual core of the story of Xu Mengtao and Kong Fanyu.And these are just the tip of the iceberg that Chinese women have brought surprises to Chinese people.If you are a sports fan, you will certainly remember that in Mumbai, India, the Sonorous roses blossomed again. The Chinese women’s football team won the title again in 16 years after defeating the Rok.You will also remember that gu Ailing, 19, jumped from a height of 50 meters in the shougang Ski jumping platform and showed the world the power of Chinese girls with her turn 1620.And in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s three basketball team fought hard against all the strong opponents, from underdog to podium, let people know what is “sisters of unity, its sharp cut through gold”.”Women are not born, they are made,” de Beauvoir said.It’s about how the environment shapes women.Who is not a weak woman, but once wearing “national clothing” and accepted the baptism of sweat, “Xu Mengtao” they will become marquez said “iron wrist”.FILA FILA as Chinese freestyle skiing aerial skill international clothing sponsors, both in the daily training and in the competition, deeply impressed by the spirit of the athletes, witnessed these athletes work hard all the way, a more professional equipment and upward spirit, help them to pursue life more legendary moment air dance,The strength of xu Mengtao and Kong Fanyu in their athletic careers is in line with the philosophy of FILA Women’s Program.FILA has always encouraged all women to live boldly the way they want to be. We hope that all women will remain confident, dare to love and do, and ultimately achieve a successful life.Xu Mengtao roots, with the love of freestyle skiing this sport, with the persistence of the dream, finally “Toad Hall won”.FILA has spent a long time creating the equipment for the Chinese freestyle skiing aerials national team represented by her, which is the external embodiment of this sportsmanship and brand concept.FILA sponsors aerials suits for China’s national freestyle skiing aerials team, which is equipped with a unique “ice and snow technology”.The outer clothing is made of Dermizax® fabric, whose water resistance is 66% higher than the conventional waterproof fabric in the industry. Under the strict simulation environment in the laboratory, the air permeability and moisture permeability value reaches 4000, 60% higher than the conventional skiing fabric.The inner “energy storage and heating” black technology ceramic printed fabric can effectively and rapidly rise 2.3℃ under far-infrared irradiation;The interlayer is filled with PRIMALOFT® thermal insulation material, which can effectively achieve light temperature storage.With this “champion equipment”, it can not only ensure the body temperature of athletes on the track, but also allow athletes to fly gracefully in the air, showing “her” charm.In terms of appearance, FILA perfectly integrates the two Chinese elements of “national flag red” and “five-pointed star gold”, which is solemn and fashionable and inspires the wearer’s national pride.FILA has been deeply engaged in the field of skiing for nearly half a century. FILA and The National aerials Team of China freestyle skiing have been working together for 8 years since 2014.FILA “FILA Women” project has found an excellent “anchor” in the women team. Their elegant and calm posture, never-say die quality, and “flying straight” skiing spirit also inspire FILA Women plan to pursue excellence, perfect themselves, and reach the peak of life.At present, the same style of Xu mengtao’s clothes are widely available on FILA’s official mall, FILA’s official flagship store on Tmall and FILA’s flagship store on Tiktok.In the future, FILA will continue to help athletes pursue their dreams with professional attitude and excellent quality. At the same time, FILA will pay tribute to the power of women by creating diversified clothing for more women in different industries, helping them discover hidden energy and move forward in their respective fields.