Zeng Guofan’s four disciples all the leaders in all walks of life have Li Hongzhang

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Whether you love it or not, Zeng Guofan is an inescapable figure in modern times.He has made some achievements in politics, military affairs and academia.Such a great scholar natural students everywhere, and his most proud of the four disciples, known as zengmen four disciples.Listen to the editor explain which four.This disciple is a diplomat, so we can see zeng guofan’s inclusiveness, teaching without distinction.Can accept new talent.Li Shuchang once traveled to many countries in Europe and later served as minister in Japan twice.After the sino-Japanese War broke out, Li Shuchang was out of work at home and wanted to use his former contacts in foreign countries to mediate sino-Japanese relations.Failed, the treaty of Shimonoseki was signed later, the great powers set off a frenzy of partition.Li Shuchang passed away after suffering from severe illness.This disciple, the most indifferent of the four, amused himself by studying calligraphy.There are many disciples studying calligraphy under his door.In the late Qing Dynasty, zhang Yu-zhao played with the world and lived in a dream of reviving with the light. He finally ended up one year before the sino-Japanese War broke out at the age of 70.It is the most carefree of zeng’s disciples.Late Qing Tongcheng school representative, litterateur.His teacher, Zeng Guofan, came from Hunan.But in literature or to tongcheng school of private disciple.Later generations called Zeng Guofan’s literary thought xiangxiang school.And Wu Ru lun is ceng’s proud disciple, it is tongcheng person.To become a scholar of zhongxing Tongcheng school is also deserved.Zeng Guofan’s disciples, it can be said that there is no class.There are talents from all walks of life. The first three disciples were diplomats, calligraphers and writers respectively, while Xue Fucheng was an industrialist.With the general industrialist background is not high different, his father Xue Xiang in today’s words is an examination expert, the most good at writing eight-part essay.And Xue Fucheng most hate is the eight-part essay, so easy in the jinshi.And Xue Fucheng indulged in industry in the teacher and elder brother Li Hongzhang under the curtain have worked.He made outstanding contributions to the Westernization movement and wrote a lot. He was a scholar-type bureaucrat.