Direct nucleic acid testers: Working until 6 a.m., face to face with viruses

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In the battle against the epidemic, there is a special group of soldiers. Although they are not on the clinical front line or in contact with confirmed patients, they are face to face with the Novel Coronavirus. They are nucleic acid testers, the people closest to the virus.(nucleic acid examiner “armed” into the laboratory) to work until 6 o ‘clock in the morning Testing every day more than 2000 samples at 2 a.m. on March 29, the centers for disease control and prevention of negative pressure in changsha yuelu district of lights in the lab, “armed” inspector Tian Man is tense and orderly busy with colleagues, data entry, nucleic acid extraction, amplification cycle…Boxes of samples are like minefields, and they are like “deminers”, sifting through the “thunder” of COVID-19 virus.”20220329 the tenth batch can go on the machine.”At 5:50 am on May 29, Tian and his colleagues finished testing the last batch of samples and dragged themselves out of the lab.After eight hours of continuous work, the mask had left deep marks on her face. Tian said unconcerned: “It’s ok, I’ll recover soon.I’m going to lie down in my office and call me when I’m ready.”The laboratory of Yuelu CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for nucleic acid testing of close contacts, returnees from abroad, centralized isolation medical observation points, and the rechecking of positive samples in the whole district.Since March 14, the department has been on duty 24 hours a day, testing an average of more than 2,000 samples, up to more than 30 batches.”There is a shortage of staff at the moment. There are only five people in our department who can work long hours in the lab, excluding those who are pregnant, too old and unwell.”Tian Man counted on his fingers, according to the laboratory configuration, reagent preparation area 1, specimen preparation area at least 2, amplification analysis area 1 to arrange, a shift at least 4 hands.”For close contacts, sub-close contacts and other key groups, we want to ensure that the test results within 3 hours, no matter how much sample size, as long as the laboratory, we immediately test.In order to ensure the quality and speed of the test, we have taken turns to sleep on the sofa in the office. We have not slept for three hours.”Tian Man said.(The sofa in the office became a makeshift bed for nucleic acid testers.I miss the taste of coffee and milk tea. “After learning that I am a nucleic acid tester, people always ask me whether I am afraid or not.I’m really not afraid!”Tian Man said that before stepping into the laboratory, testing personnel should put on protective clothing, boot covers, double latex gloves, N95 masks, goggles, and do a good job of three-level protection.”We avoid diuretic drinks such as coffee and milk tea, and try to drink less water and eat energetic food as long as we can.”Tian Paused, “I haven’t had milk tea for a long time. I really miss it.”Not being able to eat, go to the toilet or even tickle in the lab is no small physical challenge for every tester in the “fully armed” negative pressure state.Under normal circumstances, the normal person will feel increased brain pressure and chest tightness in less than half an hour, but the detection personnel like Tian Man, working in the inside for at least six hours.Although the workload is very heavy, everyone is very united and helps each other, but they just care about their families.Tian has a three-year-old child, who she visits only once every two days. When she gets home, the child is already asleep, and when she leaves home, the child is still awake.At this point, Tian man’s eyes began to red, afraid of her parents worry, she has not told them her job, just told them to take care of themselves, do not go to crowded places.As the testing task became more and more heavy, the department became busier and busier, but Tian Man never complained: “I believe that as long as we unite and fight, we can defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.”