Pay attention to pigeon excrement situation, discover problem in time

2022-06-19 0 By

The emergence of many diseases of pigeons is accompanied by some changes in feces, and the diagnosis of many diseases is also judged by pigeon feces.So pigeon droppings can inform us pigeon fanciers, and most diseases can be detected at an early stage.If you go to the dovecote and find a piece of unformed feces, it is obvious that water has flowed away and formed a green, then attention should be paid.That tells us that there’s a problem with the habitat over there.This phenomenon is actually very abrupt, it is easy to be found by our pigeon lovers.Why is it that many pigeon fanciers are used to cleaning their loft every day and looking at the manure on their roosts?In fact, it is also to find the problem of pigeons in time and adjust the state of pigeons in time.Make sure there are no serious problems with pigeon racing.This is obviously a very important thing and not difficult, but many pigeon fanciers just can’t stick to it.Therefore, it is very practical to look at pigeon droppings at ordinary times, whether it is squab or racing pigeon or even breeding pigeon.Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to solve the problem when the pigeon is more serious.