Three Women and one Play Bear Dailin reveals the secrets behind the creation of Family Glory

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Peninsula media reporters Wang yue intern Zhou Run stars to deduce the episodes of “family honor” in youku first aired ratings hit, many people call “has been the show ring powder”, Lin plays Ye Caiwei is well-connected housewife, cutting, like to use small ruse, often thankless, in an interview with peninsula all media reporters,Xiong Dailin said, “Ye Caiwei is not only we see the surface of the caustic, she also has a very stupid very cute side.”Role of multifaceted nature is not bad” vicious housewife “when it comes to understanding of the role, Lynn explains,” the vicious housewife is just a surface phenomenon, because of her living environment with a lot of people are not the same, she was born a daughter, miss so she’s in a lot of things are considered themselves the most superior, think of their own superiority.When someone comes along and invades her territory, she gets defensive.But her nature is not bad, she just want to protect their own things, their family, their husband, children, family, to protect their interests and safety, this is a mother is just the principle.”The role of Ye Caiwei has no social experience, so she can only fight back from the most instinctive and basic understanding, but the world is dangerous. She cannot resist the insidiousness of the outside world. She wants to fight with others, but she will show her stupid side.”Before I are more positive, the role of lovable characters, but the character is not so, so I do you don’t like her from the start of psychological preparation, because she and I at ordinary times respectively of speech is too big, she doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, the in the mind have whatever you like, it is easy to offend people, sometimes there will be some vitriolic,It’s also a challenge for me.”When asked whether want to experience the rich wealthy family life, Lin said, “the giants of the wealthy family life experience of shooting time is enough, I think under the surface of the glamorous, there must be some unknown things, unknown family, is like we often say that every family has a book difficult to read the classics, especially family, to care and consideration will be more.That kind of family environment wasn’t really for me. I enjoyed the show, but I didn’t feel that much afterwards.”It is very important for housewives to have their own career. It is the spiritual pillar as well as the safe haven. Here, every woman needs to pour into her emotions.Xiong also shared her understanding of home: “You have everything here, your loved ones, your husband, your children. You also need their care, love and protection, and they also need you.The life of a housewife is not confined to the home.For me, any woman, no matter married or not, I think she should have her own career and not be divorced from the society.Because she has never worked outside, Ye Caiwei is out of touch with the society. Her life is only in the kitchen and her home. Therefore, when she meets many problems, she will be in a panic, and she cannot fight back and fight for what belongs to her.I think as a woman, as long as she is capable, she must have her own career and enrich herself, so as to give herself a lot of confidence and motivation.””It had been two or three years since I was pregnant, when I gave birth to a baby, and when I shot the TV series, family glory. At the beginning, IT was hard for me to do it, but AFTER I adjusted the pace, I still like to return to the role of an actor.I also appreciate the encouragement and affirmation from the director, producer and other actors and teachers, which rekindled my confidence.”Infighting in the three women in three women a play opposite also recited astounding that the audience, Lynn revealed that even the often tear open, but in private relationship so well, “I told the color birch’s character is very slow, just met is” hi “” worship”, but time is long, will feel we two special like,Talk to the people will have been talking together, talk not to us will hide in a corner inside.Yang Xiyao and Ah Yi, she is a very cheerful person, and she is very familiar with all the members of the team, but I am a new member, so I rely on her to take me into the family.Every time she is around, I feel this family is so lively.Sometimes we’re not together in every scene, and it’s a little bit lonely without her, because she’s a great mood setter, so I miss them.””The rivalry between the three sisters-in-law was splendid, too.It has a very tight rhythm, which can keep the audience in a very nervous and excited state to follow the show.After solving a storm, let everyone have a slight chance to breathe, and will immediately enter the next storm, which will make the audience feel very nervous and exciting.In movie terms, this is a no-pee TV show.”What we talk about in private is light stuff, like how to take care of your skin or what to try.”