When the Winter Olympics hit the Spring Festival, southerners were stunned at Beijing’s open-air ice rink: as happy as a fair

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Editor’s note: Bid farewell to the night of the city and go to the depths of the clouds in my hometown.Trapped by the epidemic for two years, the post-90s generation crossed mountains and seas to return home for reunion.In their homeland, they are more like foreigners for a short stay.In their perspective, they saw the changes in human feelings, social changes, and feelings of family and country.On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Yin tiger, Time Finance launched the series “My Hometown, My Foreign Land”, this is the eleventh article.Beijing Shichahai Ice skating Rink.Since January 29th, a-share market has been closed. As A reporter of the financial line, I have entered the Spring Festival holiday.This is not my first winter in Beijing, but my first Spring Festival stay.From what I’ve seen around me, it seems like half the people in Beijing are going skiing or getting ready to go skiing around Spring Festival.When I visited Decathlon last October, a third of the store was occupied by ski gear.On the night of winter solstice last year, my friends and I took a taxi to eat dumplings.My Beijing brother, who runs didi, told me that he has been skiing for many years, but because of the Winter Olympics this year, he plans to leave Beijing during the Spring Festival. He will simply change a better set of equipment and take his family to Jilin for skiing.According to his “theory”, whether a ski resort is good or not has little to do with the weather and terrain, mainly depends on whether the operator is actively making snow;If the crowds are sparse and the operators don’t make snow once a day, the place is slippery.In fact, snowmaking officially began on November 15, a month before the winter solstice.The alpine Skiing competition venue of the Winter Olympic Games, also known as the National Alpine Skiing Center, is located in the southwest slope of the main peak of Xiaohaituo Mountain in Yanqing District, northwest Of Beijing, northeast of Xidazhuang Ke Village.According to media reports, there will be 170 snow-making equipment on Xiaohaituo Mountain by mid-January, covering an area of 800,000 square meters and generating about 1.2 million cubic meters of snow.Before xiaohaituo Mountain appeared in the Winter Olympics, Beijing residents were more familiar with nanshan Ski resort in Miyun district, northeast of the city.In my circle of friends, some people have been trying to locate the clock since December, and everyone has posted the same content: “I fell down”, “Look at xue Xue Xue”…And a beautiful selfie.Neither of these suburban ski resorts is close, though, and the open-air skating rink is a pre-social media winter playground for the masses.As a southerner, I was still shocked to see shichahai Skating rink for the first time. The dark crowd pedaled on the ice and laughed loudly. The ice near the shore was surrounded by fences and red lanterns.The scene would have resembled a town fair in the north, were it not for the thick ice.This is what makes the skating rink in downtown Beijing special. It is very urban and cheerful. However, most of these ice rink, such as Shichahai, Beihai and The Summer Palace, were intimidating and inaccessible imperial gardens more than 100 years ago.Beijing Shichahai Ice skating Rink.In the works of writer Deng Yunxiang, there were several skating rink in old Beijing: “In those days, if you suspected the beihai Polantang ice rink or the Tongzihe Ice rink in the park for uneven ice, or suspected that there were too many people making a ripple in the city, please make a trip to qinghuayuan Lotus Pond or To The Weiming Lake in Yanyuan.Especially the ice rink at Weiming Lake in Yanyuan, which was the highest and most beautiful ice rink in Beijing.”However, due to the epidemic situation, the university campuses in northern Qing Dynasty are all closed management, so that Deng Yun township dream of Weiming Lake ice rink, I can not see.In addition to skiing and skating, Beijingers also love parks and scenic spots that are open normally during holidays.By the time I knew it, the Palace Museum had sold out for the first and second days of the lunar New Year, so I had to take a walk on the 28th day of the Lunar New Year, because the Palace Museum would also be closed on That day.When you walk in from Tiananmen, there are not many tourists than usual. When you queue up at the Meridian gate to enter the palace, the crowd has lined up in several lines, lighting code, temperature measurement, security check.After entering, the palace buildings in the Forbidden City are still the same, only the snow in the northern shadow has not melted, so that the dragon and phoenix reliefs can be seen very clearly.The Palace Museum.New Year’s Day in Beijing was a long walk for me.There is really no sense of ceremony in the Spring Festival alone. I just feel that Beijing is very quiet, with fewer people and cars on the road, and I am sure there will not be the “illegal” firecrackers in southern cities.In addition, various information apps are still pushing news to me, such as “Indonesia resumed coal export from February 1st”, “He advertised another listed company”, “Meta financial results are not as expected”…No matter how capital markets open after the end of the year, I’m going to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and then go on my walk.The South Moat in Beijing.Photography is by Wei Yalin