Wu Qian was Zhang Yujian for the first time ai was officially declared divorce: his cool thin, chilling

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Who would have thought that on February 14, when couples were showcasing their love for each other, a couple in the entertainment industry officially announced their divorce?At 5:17 PM on Monday, Wu posted a photo of herself and her daughter with the caption: “Valentine’s Day for single girls.”Acknowledge being single again.Zhang later posted: “I’m grateful for our beautiful encounter. We still have a long way to go. We are still parents of our children and our closest friends.”And ai Wu Qian, official declared divorce.At the same time, both studios also issued a statement, said wu Qian and Zhang Yujian have peacefully ended their marriage, will not respond to the matter.News of the divorce quickly became a viral search.However, unlike most celebrity couples who officially announce their divorce in the past, netizens wish both parties well. In the comments section of Wu Qian’s Micro blog, they are all blessing and congratulations, hoping wu will concentrate on her career in the future.In the comments section of Zhang yujian’s Weibo account, however, almost all of them mocked him for “not announcing his marriage but being active in his divorce”.Why the net friends to Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian attitude is completely different?It all started four years ago.In 2018, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian co-starred in the romantic drama “I Only Like You”. Perhaps because of the drama, the two began to spread rumors. In 2019, they were photographed shopping arm in arm.At that time, Wu Qian is the career of a good Cenozoic flower, has representative works “My Sheng Silence”, “such as Yi Biography”, because her acting natural clever, grow and pure pleasing, have a large number of fans.But Zhang Yujian at that time was just a small actor without reputation, although acting for many years, but the performance is supporting, “I only like you” in the Yan Mo, is the first male leading role in his life.”I only like you” broadcast, broadcast volume is very high, Therefore Wu Qian popularity, Zhang Yujian also began to have a name in the entertainment circle.Can be in the public looking forward to Wu Qian out of a good work, she and Zhang Yujian was exposed to the scandal.At the beginning, both of them denied their relationship, but the intimate photos and videos taken are real, and even if the person denies it, the Internet will know what is going on.Who knows, when all people think that two people are just dating, Wu Qian was exposed to be pregnant, but also from time to time after two people have hidden marriage.In 2020, Wu Qian recorded video state is very poor, eye hole collapse, face tired, a lot of people are suspected that she just finished the birth, all kinds of rumors make the uproar.Wu Qian, who is more famous, has naturally become the center of public opinion, with some saying she has a “love brain” and others comparing her pre – and post-natal conditions and saying she has “ruined her future”.That time, Wu Qian was controversial, and Zhang Yujian as her husband, but always stay out of the matter silent, let Wu Qian a person bear all the discussion.More speechless is that Zhang Yujian has been said to be single, but also with other female artists fried CP, as if with Wu Qian and her children have nothing to do.It was not until 2021, when Wu Qian was photographed taking her baby out, that Zhang admitted that he was married and had a daughter.Must be, Zhang Yujian full text neither mention Wu Qian’s name, nor ai Wu Qian, only vaguely called Wu Qian as “her mother”, said, “this did not protect her (daughter) is the parents dereliction of duty, her mother is now very remorse is also very sad”.Zhang Yujian this micro blog at that time was a group of users laugh, users feel that things are like this, he is not clear and open to wu Qian’s relationship, very not responsible.This time Zhang Yujian official declared and Wu Qian divorce, Ai Wu Qian, can be said to be two people since 2018 to now four years, he clearly acknowledged the relationship with Wu Qian for the first time.Ironically, his first ai Wu Qian, is the official announcement of divorce, the bones of the cool thin reflected incisively and vividly.But it is a pity that Wu Qian in the career of rising in order to love hidden marriage children, now state is not as good as before, career has been greatly affected, if these four years she has a good acting, perhaps the fire may also.Fortunately, Wu Qian now figured it out, as long as the acting is still in the future.