“Good article to share” passionate cello, romantic feelings

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Cello’s timbre is outstanding in string music group, it has plump and generous, full of emotional tone quality.The cello is the closest of all instrumental instruments to the human voice (especially the male voice), and it sounds very intimate.When music plays at the end of words and words, like a gurgling stream, it seeps into every dry place in your heart.Its deep and heavy tone has an extraordinary influence on sentimental people.Passionate cello, romantic feelings, every era has that era, the moving melody left.- 1 – The classic cello piece “Willow” is the soundtrack of the Taiwan TV series “Sin”.The story tells the story of a group of special groups in a special era, the TV series adapted from Mr. Bai Xianyong’s only novel of the same name.Fan zongpei’s use of cello has reached a high level, and the piano has stepped in to give some joy to the sadness.- 2 – Of all the scores for The Film The Sea Pianist, this is the most intoxicating, melodic, euphemistic and rhythmic.Yo-yo Ma plays the piano seamlessly, with every note full of vitality.- 3 – The suite “Carnival of the Animals” by French composer Saint Saines, the 13th of which is entitled “Swan”. This is the most beautiful and famous piece of music in Carnival of the Animals, and also the most influential piece in cello repertoire.The smooth pionic notes of the piano depict the ripples of the water, and the long and soothing melody of the solo cello, as if swans were swimming slowly on the water.Qin Liwei As an outstanding world-class artist, Qin Liwei has successfully collaborated with many internationally renowned orchestras and conductors as a soloist and chamber musician.After winning the silver medal at the 11th Tchaikovsky Competition, Qin also won the gold medal at the prestigious Naumburg International Cello Competition in New York in 2001.Qin liwei performed with the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra and The Russian Philharmonic orchestra for the first time in the 2017-2018 music season, and twice performed as a soloist at the London Proms at London’s Royal Albert Hall.5 – “Praise of Love”, also translated as “Love greetings”, is a proposal of marriage song written by English composer Edward Elgar for his wife Alice.When the theme is played by the cello, it is like a lover whispering in your ear, full of emotion.