Looking forward to kung Fu 2 for 18 years?Net spread star is already in preparation, the film pays tribute to Wu Mengda

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In film and television;There are a lot of news is always true or false;For example, about the making and release of a certain movie;And there’s a work that’s been constantly debated;Although there is no news yet;But fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival;Because this movie carries a lot of things;It is kung Fu 2, a film by Stephen Chow that has been circulating on the Internet.I believe that there are many friends who have heard kung Fu 2.There have been rumors about this movie since about 15 years ago;And after the rumor came out;Many reporters also began to find Stephen Chow for some inquiries;But the answer was always uncertain;After all, years have passed;The film has never been officially announced;So there are a lot of fans who are constantly questioning;Whether the movie doesn’t exist;Did Stephen Chow have no intention of making Kung Fu 2?So is kung Fu 2 for real?Let’s take a look at it with Le Feng.1. Will Kung Fu 2 ever see the light of day?Many movie fans know it;The film “Kung Fu”;It is the last nonsense film starring Stephen Chow in his film career.Later cj7 wasn’t so funny;And after “Changjiang No.7”;Stephen Chow announced his retirement from the big screen;From the front to the back;Although from 10 years ago to now;Chow continues to make films;But he no longer appears on camera.During these twelve years;Chow has been highly anticipated to star in another film;To make up for everyone’s regrets;Even if it’s a cameo;But from journey to the West: Conquering the Demons;In several Stephen Chow films;He had never been seen;Chow, however, had previously worked on The New King of Comedy;But let us see some light at the end of the tunnel.Logically speaking;Chow is not one to stir the pot;But since there’s a New King of Comedy;Does this mark the arrival of Kung Fu 2?There is really no confirmation of this;After all, Kung Fu Is a film starring and directed by Stephen Chow;But chow is rumored not to own the rights to the film;That’s why Zhou never made the second film.Now years later;Rumors about Kung Fu 2 are growing;Some say Kung Fu 2 has already been shot;Some say Chow won’t make Kung Fu 2 at all;So which is true?Can only Stephen Chow this talent know it;But in the recent past;But it is once again rumored that Stephen Chow will shoot kung Fu 2 movie;And it’s officially coming out this year;It seems that this time the news;There is some truth to that.2. Kung Fu 2 will be released this year actually after the news of Kung Fu 2 came out;When many reporters asked Stephen Chow;In his words;You can also hear that Stephen Chow is actually thinking about rebooting Kung Fu;I was on a promotional campaign for The New King of Comedy;A reporter asked Stephen Chow if he was going to make Kung Fu 2.Chow’s answer is a two-word “yes”;Those who heard the news were also cheering.And Stephen Chow further elaborated later;This isn’t really Kung Fu 2;It’s a similar story;And it’s a modern story that takes place in a foreign country;It’s just in the same direction as Kung Fu;Chow was later asked if he would appear in the film;But Chow said he was not so good at playing;The implication is not to act;But at least you’re sure;Kung Fu 2 will be filmed.However, there are rumors that A Xing is defeating the Fire Cloud evil god;Kung Fu 2, in which he became the head of the Axe Gang;It seems equally implausible;Chow, after all, has always been good at keeping his films confidential;There is no detailed synopsis for Mermaid 2 so far;This time, though, kung Fu 2 has already begun shooting.But it should be true;Because Chow’s current mermaid 2 has already been made.And now Stephen Chow;No new films have been officially announced;Although last year and Tencent video signed a number of contracts;However, Stephen Chow’s overall gap period is very long;And Kung Fu 2 is in Stephen Chow’s heart;It also has some different status;Everybody knows that;After Shaolin Football;Stephen Chow and David Wu stopped working together for several reasons.In fact, it was before Kung Fu was made;Stephen Chow invited Wu Mengda;But because of wu Mengda’s schedule;So I didn’t get to play;After that, until the death of Wu Mengda;They did not cooperate again;This is not just a pity for fans;Is a regret in the heart of Stephen Chow;Because of wu Mengda’s position in his heart;It’s also very important;Wu Mengda once said on the show;If he doesn’t die;Stephen Chow can also make movies;Then the two of them have a chance to work together;But now that opportunity is gone forever.The death of Wu Mengda;It was a big blow for Stephen Chow;Things that didn’t work out in Kung Fu;This time kung Fu 2;Chow will also choose to include some scenes in memory of Wu mengda;To seal the agreement between the two men to work together again;Believe in mermaid 2 after the official release;Stephen Chow will be able to officially announce kung Fu 2.So let’s look forward to the official arrival of this movie.3. What you didn’t know about Kung Fu When the movie was madeThere are a lot of things that people don’t know;For example, sammo Hung was the martial arts director at the beginning of the film;Sammo Hung in the Hong Kong film and television industry position naturally need not say;And he also has a very good martial arts foundation;Chow was also interested in Sammo Hung’s martial arts skills;He invited him to the cast of martial arts guidance;When you first accepted the invitation;Sammo Hung is also very happy.But when you’re constantly filming;Two people because of different styles;So there are a lot of contradictions;Mr. Hung was eventually fired by Mr. Chow;Because of this;Let Sammo Hung for Stephen Chow is also some resentment;The two never worked together again;Neither was to blame;After all, the idea of making a movie is different;Naturally there will be a lot of contradictions;And they were both very powerful men;Getting one side to compromise is almost impossible;Only one of them left.After Mr. Hung left;Stephen Chow chose Yuen Wo-ping as his martial arts instructor;After all, the two have worked together several times before;For example, the old beggar in Su Qi ‘er;In Kung Fu;Yuen Woo-ping also stars;The beggar who sold Stephen Chow eighteen Palms of the Dragon;There was a bit of a mentoring relationship between the two;Also about the name “Eighteen Palms of the Dragon”;There is also some news.That’s when the movie is finished;Stephen Chow went for the name;Find Mr Cha and pay him royalties;But Cha didn’t accept it;Because when Stephen Chow was shooting The Deer and the Cauldron;To his great satisfaction;He thinks Stephen Chow is the Wei Xiaobao in his books;So Stephen Chow used the name from his work;I don’t care too much;And because Jin Yong xinsheng did not collect copyright fees;Chow donated the money;It was a tacit understanding between the two of them.In the movie Kung Fu;There are a lot of memorable characters;For example, Yuan Qiu plays a rented woman;He Wenhui as the sauce explosion, etc.;At that time, Stephen Chow selected Yuanqiu to play the rental woman;It’s also AD hoc;Because at that time, Yuan Qiu has been out of the entertainment circle for many years;When I went to the cast of Stephen Chow;Just going to the audition with the others;But on the set;Yuan Qiu crossed his legs to smoke the scene was Stephen Chow fancy;That Yuanqiu has a kind of vague domineering;So I invited Yuanqiu to play the role of the rental woman;It eventually became a classic.Kung Fu;It was Chow who chose to retire before;A classic nonsensical comedy;It also represents a node of Hong Kong film;After Stephen Chow;There are no more silly comedies in the movie market;Even if they imitate all the time;Also still will not surpass Zhou Xingchi;Because there is only one Stephen Chow;Hopefully, kung Fu 2 will follow;Will be a new era of nonsense comedy.4. Ending before Kung Fu 2 arrives;In fact, the more anticipated film is The Mermaid 2;After all, it has been finished from the beginning;To subsequent backbeats;It took five years before and after;Cast from 17 years;To the follow-up spread Stephen Chow with Lin allow fill shot lens;Fans are also keeping an eye on mermaid 2;The film;Should be the most likely to be released this year;After all these years;Stephen Chow should give you a satisfactory answer.Well, that’s the end of today’s news about Stephen Chow and Kung Fu 2;If we have any views and views;Welcome to leave a comment below;Finally, don’t forget to watch Lefeng movies.