Theshy was blunt about Uzi’s inability to win when he was in form, saying he shouldn’t have come back

2022-06-20 0 By

Now the heat of the esports industry is there for all to see, as far as this situation is concerned, the new season does have a lot of unexpected things, among which the most discussed team is BLG, the team was not famous last year, but this year has become the center of the topic, why?In fact, the reason is very simple, because Uzi joined the BLG, naturally more topics.BLG, coupled with the start of the season has not let the uzi, this is the rhythm of the main causes of four online, everyone wanted to see uzi, BLG will eventually compromise, let the uzi play in two innings, eventually one win a negative, but because in front of his teammates has been lost for a second, so in the end game is 2 to 1, BLG lost this game.And netizens fryer again, began to come over of ridicule, uzi strength decline too serious, but there are too many did not even see the game to evaluate, if put aside all subjective idea, see these two games, AD really shouldn’t be back pan under the road, because the two games, nakano on frequent collision, many waves affect the overall game is nothing to do with the way of fighting.Certainly, there is a problem of BP is too serious, know oneself to choose jinx to lay the road, this time will be dropped the Gwen this hero is disabled, even without a disabled, the game also wants to protect the melee in the output, but they do not, herd rushed past, and there are Gwen team swap back, it’s definitely a deficit,But they didn’t realize the problem from beginning to end.Say so, the biggest problem is the game team coordination and decision making, and the problem of BP, rather than a player in the game of an operation or error, actually separate them out, all is the past, but with a problem, now state of Uzi is good, but could not win the game, still very upset.Theshy was the most outspoken. He watched the whole game live and talked about team problems. After the game, he commented on Uzi and even said that he should not come back.On the one hand, the influence of the lower road is not as good as before, on the other hand, it is also the expression of the BLG upper nakano too much to show, the result of the car overturned.Theshy then discussed Uzi’s comeback, saying: “He shouldn’t have done it at this point. This version of ADC is low status.From this sentence, it can be seen that Theshy still thinks Uzi’s strength is good, but this version is really not friendly to Xiagu, as long as the upper nakano has a little idea, that xiagu is led to go, so this kind of helplessness makes people desperate, do you have any jokes about it?