Why Watergate Bridge burns Up tearsWu three brothers into the core character, to show the epitome of the heroic

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Before we saw the most is the anti-japanese theme of the film, until the film “Changjin Lake” hit, so that more and more Chinese people pay attention to the martyrs of the resistance to the United States and aid Korea.Before “Changjin Lake” was broadcast, we saw the real fight of the Anti-japanese soldiers. At that time, we were still able to fight guerrilla warfare, take advantage of the home field advantage, and face mainly the guns and shells of the enemy.So feel that the war against the United States to aid the North will also have a glimmer of life, but did not think of the reality is so cruel.It was not until the broadcast of “Changjin Lake” that I saw how difficult the environment our ancestors faced was.In contrast, “Jangjin Lake” only tells about the experience of troops in the war to resist the United States and aid Korea.”The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” shows a more grand story, which shows the impossibility of our military transformation, the capture of Hagaru-ri, and the decisive victory of the important battle from the perspective of the seventh company.It shows us more about the dangers that their victims faced.With the growth of the little soldier Wu Wanli, the movie “Watemate Bridge of Changjin Lake” shows the strength and fortitude of the soldiers of our army. With the story of Wu Wanli transforming from a stubborn ignorant teenager into an indomitable soldier, we see the epitome of the heroic from the perspective of a child.Wu Wanli’s first growth, is in the desert through the time, the body was scared to see the teenager, saw his only playmate, hill died in the enemy’s strafe.This was the first time he faced the pain of losing his comrades, and it was the beginning of his realization of the cruelty of war.But I felt deeply powerless, the original life is so fragile, our martyrs have not met the enemy troops, has died in the American aircraft strafing under.We were so weak compared to the advanced weapons of the US army at the time, but we still won, fought and won.However, we did it with five times more casualties than the American army. Our forefathers blocked the American aircraft and artillery with their own flesh and blood, laying the foundation for the peaceful development of new China.With their blood I left the seeds of self-improvement, now our motherland is strong, but the blood and tears of our ancestors still spur us on, continuous development, the construction of their own motherland.And Wu Wanli’s second growth, is his first shot to kill.What were we doing when we were 19 years old?Laugh on campus, call for your favorite star, study in the classroom…And 19 years old Wu Wanli has to shoot to kill, although he just want to live on the battlefield, but the person who was killed is not want to live?War is cruel, but we have no way out, we do not fight back to the 38th parallel, the United States army will cross the Yalu River.Our purpose has never been to kill, but to make peace.Goes the concept “put down the butcher’s knife site we are never to kill and kill, like wu li stopped WuWanLi kill the polar bear is colonel, some killing can be avoided, we are in pursuit of peace, expect that every 19 year old child can carefree life in the school, not difficult to survive on the battlefield.Wu Wanli’s third growth, from the mouth of the second brother that brother died when.He said to Wu Qianli, if he also like the eldest brother let Wu Qianli to give him a happy, although said, he was afraid of the pain of being wounded by shells, but he still chose to charge together with Li.War brothers, in wanli body, gradually show a soldier’s meaningless, they will be afraid of pain, also will shed tears, but they will never retreat, never timid.It is because our ancestors were not afraid of bloodshed and sacrifice that we now have the peace and prosperity, the snow in North Korea, 125 soldiers were frozen into ice sculpture, forever guarding the position.Although their bodies are cold, their loyalty to their country is unwavering.Wu jia 3 brothers, 100 li was sacrificed on the battlefield, Li became an excellent soldier, and Wan Li also from a stubborn teenager, grow into a brave soldier.Behind the three Wu brothers are the epitome of countless martyrs. Some of them have stayed in the battlefield, some have experienced countless battles, and some have just joined the army. But what they all share is their love for the motherland.Pay tribute to the martyrs, we are now a better life, must be inseparable from the sacrifice of our ancestors, hit a fist, so as not to 100 boxing.Is the sacrifice of our ancestors, for us to obtain peace, this hard-won peace, we need each to cherish.