2021 audio-visual view | your music menu with Chinese folk music?

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From the first day of the New Year to the 10th of the New Year, we bring you a series of “2022 Audio-visual Perspectives”.This is our sound music and life carefully thinking, these views you may have your unique ideas, look forward to your message!Do you include Chinese folk music in your music menu?On the eve of the Spring Festival that year, I took the subway home after work. When I was almost at the platform, I heard a familiar melody, which sounded beautiful, gentle and warm.I realized that the cantonese song “Autumn Moon over The Flat Lake” was playing in the subway station. At that moment, the music mingled with the passengers’ silent platform, and all the clouds in my heart disappeared.At that moment, I also had a strong sense of belonging, the city of Guangzhou is my home.I can’t help but secretly give a thumbs-up to the subway company, which is so thoughtful.Once listening to “pass” this folk music album, I brought it, friend Mr Liang to have feelings, and tell me one thing, he went to the shandong province on a business trip back to guangzhou that year, comes at a time during the New Year, when he walked into a subway station, heard playing inside the guangdong music, so there is a finally returned home sweet feeling, the feeling of fatigue of the body is gone.Originally, the author and Mr. Liang’s feeling is so similar.Why do we listen to music?Maybe that’s the answer, solace or joy or empathy from music…Instead of settling for a sound effect.The author has a special affection for folk music. When I was young, I was unconsciously influenced by folk music, perhaps from the radio or the village drama troupe, and then it was imprinted in my mind like a divine song. Even when I was young, I would sing a song from time to time, but I didn’t know the name of the song at all.The songs included “Happy Goat,” “BBK,” “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon,” “Good South of the Yangtze River,” and so on, all of which seemed to be national orchestral pieces.At that time, the promotion of music was far less than that of today, and people still had few opportunities to contact western classical music. However, decades later, the situation is completely different. Western music has been promoted in China, and there are symphony orchestras and symphony concerts everywhere.But our folk music, the pace of promotion seems to be far less than western music.In the audiophile circle, it is common to test acoustics with western classical music and symphonies. If we look from the test behavior, Chinese folk music may really be inferior.But in terms of appreciation, Chinese folk music is not inferior, but the vast majority of audiophile still favor Western music, regard listening to western music as elegant behavior, of course, there is no denying this, but whether there is a place for Chinese folk music?At least there is a sense of intimacy and belonging that western music cannot offer.In terms of music education in schools, take the author’s son’s school as an example, even though the music class is very unstable, we can still find that western music is an important part.In a school playlist, there were vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Saint Saens’ Carnival of Animals and other classic Western songs, as well as English songs and Chinese folk songs, but there was no sign of Chinese folk music.The music or songs played in schools are mainly Western music or English songs.Speaking of which, my son likes English songs recently, such as “Good Time”, which he said was played in the morning exercise and urged me to play it on the stereo at home.However, my son also likes folk music, such as “Dance of the Golden Snake”, which can be listened to repeatedly for several times. It is said that a girl in his class once performed with pipa, which I think is quite good.In terms of media, there are a lot of reports and comments on Western music, or recommendations on related music products, but you can hardly see an article about some classical folk music.In fact, some of our record companies are working very hard to promote folk music. Many record companies have produced folk music albums, and some even spare no effort to explore outstanding folk music performers all over the country, for fear that there will be no successors after these performers leave.Nowadays, parents want to raise a perfect child, so art training classes are very popular.Music, dance, art.Many children began to accept music training at an early age, popular is the piano and the guzheng, Chinese and western musical instrument training set is actually balance, but if can accomplish something, the piano or the violin family of attention obviously much higher, such as you know the pianist lang lang, li yundi, but don’t you know that several of China’s famous guzheng performers who are,I don’t know.In fact, it is quite normal for folk music to be unpopular. Human cultures have intermingled with each other over the past hundreds of years. Different cultures have intermingled with each other depending on who has the most influence, affecting everything we eat, wear, live and travel, even culture and art.Western music is undoubtedly having dominant position to modern music, likewise, fine arts is also, see the colleges and universities of fine arts major now, what is what professional examination takes an examination of?Sketch, color, sketch or creation, completely westernized, without traditional Chinese painting.Western classical music has developed for hundreds of years, and the symphony orchestra has also been strictly organized, so that there is no significant difference between the same piece played by any orchestra. However, this kind of music and performance method has finally been brought to the world and gained favor.And our country is in the reference model of symphony, improved derived from the folk music of national orchestra, in some ways, we do apprentice, but in Chinese music, no one is more authoritative than we, not letter you to listen to foreigners play the Chinese violin “pleasant goat”, the author is really listen to not bottom go to, of course, you could say that the west chung chi son “butterfly lovers” is very good,But that is also individual, and “Butterfly Lovers” is a national symphony, and the author said there are differences between folk music.Being too down-to-earth may be one of the reasons why folk music is “not so popular”, especially among young people. Folk music may sound too corny, just like you don’t want to listen to the songs of phoenix Legend.But is folk music really so old-fashioned?The answer is negative, such as “happy goat”, “step by step”, “entertainment level”, “happy together” and so on, the tune is cheerful and enthusiastic, positive, sounds refreshing, why to old-fashioned?And you listen to Strauss, Marlboro, fate is also quite down-to-earth, will not feel old-fashioned?A little more elegant folk music, is not without, such as beautiful to the tune of the “Purple bamboo tune”, “Jiangnan good”, “lake autumn moon”, “Spring flower night moon” and so on, sound clear heart, and no one is tired of playing continuously.If you want to be elegant and free from vulgarity, those guqin songs can absolutely be done, the artistic conception to create is also unexpected.Music is borderless, only good to listen to, accept the problem, everyone has their own preferences when listening to music, this is beyond reproach.But as Chinese, we should give our folk music a place, and we do have good music.The media and radio stations (or streaming media platforms) should also recommend more Chinese folk music. After all, “only national music belongs to the world”.And as our country’s influence on the world grows, there is no need to belittle ourselves on the issue of cultural confidence.