Add fuel to the fire?Industry bosses one by one to respond to zhao Benshan’s complaint, but accidentally uncovered jiaojiao Lao Bottom

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These days, jiao Jiao event continued to ferment, which makes everyone in the case of right and wrong, true and false, both for “sketch king” Zhao Benshan pinched a sweat, but also wondering things have been to this step of the field, why can not come forward to respond?Or clarify the facts, set the record straight!Of course, this is zhao jia class after all their own internal things, outsiders are confused, at present only with jiaojiao one side of the story, it is difficult to see the cause and effect of the event and who is wrong.However, according to the woman Jiaojiao’s recent accusations, she hated Zhao Benshan and eventually went openly against each other. In general, she can sort out several deep grievances: First, her ex-husband had business dealings with Zhao Benshan, but was ruined, resulting in bankruptcy.Jiao Jiao thinks zhao Benshan pits her ex-husband, is in pits herself, because maintains a battle line with ex-husband, hates this initiator!Second, when she got married and divorced with her former husband, She failed in marriage and became a single mother. Jiao Jiao thought that zhao Benshan put a stop to it and she was partial to her faith.He trusted Zhao Benshan so, not only did not get due returns, on the contrary, was perfunctory, blocked and restricted, in three years without any part can play.Third, their own zhao Benshan, the mountain media has been benevolent, but their live with goods have been restricted, since you do not leave a way to live, so I want to fight back, I want to make a break!Subsequently, Jiao Jiao announced the official withdrawal of the mountain media, and said that good and evil have been reported, they will no longer be silent, all the causal relationship, god has its own arrangements!She also used livestreaming and her personal social media platform to attack Zhao benshan.’I’ve had enough of this,’ she later declared on air. ‘I have no future and I want it over with.’I’ve seen how this so-called artist manipulates the fate of others.In the face of netizens questioned her “play this”, “do inverse”, Jiao Jiao said that they have real evidence, things are personally experienced, I believe that justice at home.Moreover, she also made no secret of the claim: I will be a rebel, I was the first and Zhao Benshan against the people!Several days of continuous accusations, Zhao Benshan has not accepted, do not respond, and Jiaojiao broadcast room also suffered bans, which makes her even more furious.Furious, Jiao Jiao once again spoke through her social media platform, saying, “Guan er Ye told me to be a man with backbone,” and “I just don’t believe in evil!You can ban my stage career for N years, but you can’t ban my backbone and personality!””We’ll see!After I terminate the contract, I will send the relevant information to the relevant departments!”In a few days, Jiao Jiao’s complaint has been upgraded, but Zhao Benshan has been slow to respond, which makes the truth of the event, right and wrong and direction, have become more confusing.Fortunately, on February 11, Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan’s old acquaintance xu Kaiquan, who is also an insider, responded to Jiao Jiao’s complaint point by point via live broadcast.It is worth mentioning that the emotional slightly excited Xu Kaiquan, in the process of responding to the complaint, but accidentally exposed Jiaojiao’s old story, not only confirmed the reason for Jiaojiao’s antipathy, is the media company to prevent its live with goods, but also claimed that a rural “white live” little girl, go to today is not easy, have to clip the tail life.So who was this Xu Kaiquan?What qualifications intervene jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan dispute?In fact, in the northeast errenzhuan performance industry, and in the eyes of almost all errenzhuan artists, Xu Kaiquan can be a leading figure.Xu Kaiquan founded changchun Peace Theater, many years earlier than Liu Laogen Grand Stage.Based in Changchun, he influenced the whole market of duet performances in northeast China. Xiao Shenyang, Liu Xiaoguang, Wei SAN, Sun Xiaobao and others were all helped by Xu Kaiquan.As an outstanding inheritor of the Chinese intangible cultural heritage duet, Xu Kaiquan has excavated and cultivated a large number of outstanding folk artists, and transported many famous “pillars” for the local media.In the live broadcast, Xu Kaiquan sensefully explained and responded to Jiao Jiao’s main complaint to Zhao Benshan one by one. The author sort it out, and the general idea is: first, Jiao Jiao claimed that her ex-husband failed to invest in Changchun Liu Laogen grand Stage, and zhao Benshan lost all his money.In response, Xu Kaiquan said that he lives in Changchun and as a brother theater, he basically understands the situation of Changchun Liu Laogen Grand Stage.Changchun Liu Laogen Grand Stage has been built and put into use for nearly 20 years.At the beginning, zhao Benshan and Changchun entrepreneur Lv Yingqi cooperation, a total investment of 100 million, they each injected 50 million, jiaojiao did not hear that her ex-husband participated in the investment;2, the construction of the big stage, zhao Benshan’s brother-in-law Ma Ruidong is specifically responsible for, whether it is building materials, or interior decoration, he is single-handed, did not see Jiao Jiao’s ex-husband involved;Changchun Liu Laogen big stage, originally in the second road, then moved to small nanling, but the performance has been very popular, every night turnover can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan, the initial investment has already earned back, also never lost money!4. Viewpoint interpretation: This response from Xu Kaiquan shows that Jiao Jiao’s ex-husband has neither participated in the initial investment nor the construction, and Liu Laogen Grand Stage is profitable. Jiao Jiao’s claim of “investment failure” and “lost all his money” is obviously nonsense.Two, jiaojiao claimed that he was in the mountain media encountered snow, was perfunctory, was blocked, was restricted.In response, Xu kaiquan said on the live broadcast that heilongjiang TV’s Happy Camp was the most popular program with the highest ratings in China.1. But benshan Media provided her with a platform and arranged for her to perform sketches with Xiao Shenyang, Song Xiaobao, Tang Jianjun and Zhao Si. What a great arrangement!And, Jiao Jiao has the opportunity to participate in “Avenue of Stars”, won the monthly champion, the annual final runner-up, for her to create so many opportunities, is to make Jiao Jiao famous, into wrist, Zhao Benshan and when you look desperate on the force?2, of course, Jiao Jiao works in the mountain media, naturally subject to the company’s constraints.Because you are an actor of Benshan Media, people know you because you wear a “vest”, but you want to carry goods in the name of the company, find a rich husband, and become an A-list actor. How is that possible?Privately live with goods, there is an impact of the problem, if other actresses also refuse to accept management, are to live with goods, the mountain media is not yellow?3. Viewpoint interpretation: Xu Kaiquan’s response shows that Benshan Media not only did not hide and block Jiaojiao, but created an opportunity for her to become famous.Jiaojiao claims to have been prevented by the company is basically true, which is the trigger for the complaint.However, it is impossible for any enterprise to allow employees to do other work during their working time, which will not only distract actors, but also may interfere with their focus on performing arts career, which is also a high voltage line for many enterprises.Jiaojiao secretly live with goods, by the mountain media after blocking to think, and then accuse trouble.Three, hard to dissuade stop, but inadvertently uncovered jiaojiao Laodi.Xu kaiquan also revealed some details during the live broadcast.1. He said that he didn’t answer her phone or video, thinking that Jiaojiao might not want to contact the outside world.2, he also said Jiaojiao ex-husband surnamed Zhu, now Jiaojiao honor, aura have, there is a rich husband, divorce gave her tens of millions of assets, a rural “white live” little girl, it is not easy to come to today!3, Xu Kaiquan advised Jiaojiao to stop, he said jiaojiao released the video, feel too scary, this is not touch porcelain?You said your husband lost several hundred million yuan in gambling. What’s that got to do with Zhao Benshan?Zhao Benshan has been a let again, Jiaojiao should be satisfied, tail to be a man, to reopen a new life, thin dead camel than horse big, you have what can be depressed!It can be said that as an insider, a veteran of zhao Benshan and Jiao Jiao, Xu Kaiquan this time is a more comprehensive and detailed response to jiao Jiao’s complaint.However, on the evening of February 11, Jiao Jiao, who was accused by Xu of “not answering phone calls or videos”, still posted a number of updates on her social media platform, implying that an artist was guilty of hiding the sky.Jiao Jiao said that she does not believe that there is no reason, if the state departments can also be controlled by some people, then she accepted.Jiaojiao also said: “You sold me, but also forced me to say thank you, this is also called Thanksgiving?”On the one hand, industry leaders responded for Zhao Benshan point by point, while On the other hand, Jiao Jiao continued to complain.It seems that the two people meet a smile of life, shake hands with the time has not come!However, it is gratifying that Xu Kaiquan, the industry authority and insider, finally came forward to mediate.Although his response is not the official statement of The Mountain media, Jiao Jiao also refuses to communicate at present, and in response, Xu Kaiquan inadvertently revealed Jiao Jiao’s obscure past.Are you standing up for uncle Ben, or just adding fuel to the fire?It remains to be seen whether Xu kaiquan’s response will serve as a catalyst for peace, or even trigger a bigger storm. 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