Every cause has an effect. What is fate?

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If you want to understand cause and effect, you have to watch the movie “Big Big Brains.” You have to experience what is suffering, what is oppression, what is at the end of a rope, what is in a dilemma, what is the edge of life and death.Only in this way can thoroughly understand, because there will be fruit, fruit for just appeared, in fact already doomed, not others don’t remind, wise men never call come to playing dumb, and he knows this is little, what’s more, a lot of truth, is within easy reach of place around, only the parties don’t know, don’t understand, don’t believe, then why people don’t believe the truth?It’s just that when the time comes, you’ll believe it.Just like this little article, which people can see, which people can not see, coincidence, it is not want to write out, nor want to see, occasional is inevitable, but there is pay to return, you want to get what ordinary people can not have, you have to pay ordinary people can not bear the pain.A person’s life is predestined, the same cause, cast the same fruit, day after day, year after year, a person can not have the heart of delusion, will eventually be bound by heaven and earth, how can there be no certain?Because is not right, all thought of fame, fortune, material life, so all cannot hide in the causal loops and the rule of their conversion to Yin and Yang, and so have the same destiny fate, tell fortune a Sir To look through a birth horoscope, faces, can see the character strengths and weaknesses, personal preferences, etc., use of big data calculate the fate of the ups and downs in life,This is where most people think fortune-telling is magical.Claiming to change the fate of the people, just understand the nature of the fate, make a decision, choose a relatively more than ordinary people pay this way, if the pattern magnifies, then his change is just his own fate.This article is beneficial to you, please pay attention to, forward, like, progress a little bit every day.The pictures are from the network, only for personal appreciation.