He forgot everything about her, even killed her child, but she did not regret

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!He forgot everything about her, even killed her child, but she did not regret it.”I still in place, waiting for you” novel introduction: Wen LAN is born for Shen Ye and live, dead is also because of him.Shen Yesheng in Wenlan alive when disgust torture her, dead to see his heart.Best clip: “What did you say?”Shen Yesheng’s whole person went on a rampage.Qin shuhua bit her back teeth and calmly found her own voice after knowing the reason of the fight. “Brother Ye Sheng, calm down,” she said. “You don’t like Wen LAN, calm down!”If you don’t like Winland, calm down…Shen Yesheng this reflection, he is doing what?Why fight a man who’s not fit to lift his own shoes?And why is there so much fire inside you that can’t go away?Really as this male star said, he regretted, like, will have such a move?No…He did not like that evil woman. Was Winlan alive or dead, with whom, and what had she to do with him?Even if she goes to prison for ten years, he doesn’t get along?He had nothing to do with Winland.Shen Yesheng sneered: “Even if I don’t want the woman, you this kind of person is not worthy.”He repressed the crazy surge of the heart, step to the dresser, take out a paper towel, slowly wipe the blood on the fist of the male star, looking down at the male star.After the secretary broke in, he said to his secretary: “Later, the entertainment industry, I don’t want to see this kind of people.”The secretary leng for two seconds, only then the waist: “yes, Mr. Shen.”Qin Shuhua also followed a slight leng, then quickly followed The footsteps of Shen Yesheng, “Brother Yesheng…”Shen Yesheng stopped his steps, but did not look back, “I don’t care about your private life, but in the future this kind of thing, or someone else.””I ever love you, low into dust” novel introduction: Lin Yi never regret, fall in love with Lu Licheng this man all one’s life, although he forgets everything, even killed the child that belongs to them together.But later, Lin Yi really can’t continue to love, because she is going to die…Best clip: “Anyway, you are the good son-in-law of the Lin family, I am the daughter of the Wolf, you have the final say.”Linqi heart unwillingly promised.Far away on the other side of the earth, Lin Yi, because of the long flight, the body can not bear, down the plane went straight to the Australian National Hospital.What Australian food beauty, but are all beautiful bubble, Lin Yi ear reminds of all unfamiliar and familiar language, in front of all is white skin yellow hair crooked kernel.”How are you feeling today?”Xiao Jian is the only person she knows.”Fortunately for you, otherwise I would not have been quite used to waking up in all this strange surroundings.”Lin Yi also some weak said.”Don’t worry, it’s all right. Professor Trekker came to see you while you were asleep.Your present condition is ok, the baby’s development is also good, after leaving the hospital, we need to strengthen nutrition.Professor Trekker is optimistic about your condition and the baby.”Xiao Jian looked at her with a gentle smile.”Thank you, I really don’t know what I would do without you.””Said no more thank you, you have a good rest, I have a lesson later, must go.””Wait a minute, there is a gold card in my wallet, you hold it, I ask you to help me manage all my expenses in Australia.”Lin Yi firmly looked at xiao sword said.Introduction to the novel: Zhou Lianxuan thinks that there is no more ruthless woman than Yan Yan in this world.Not to mention killing their child, but conspiring with a lover to send him to prison.But because of a phone call, that ruthless woman but first he entered the prison.When the divorce papers arrived from prison, he realized that the woman had done all this to get away from him.In her eyes, prison was far better than staying with him.She was at home for two days, zhou Lianxuan just came back from the company.After stuffing Yan yan into the car, they went to the hospital.It was the first time they had seen each other since that day, and neither of them spoke first.Yan Yan looked at the duty list and said the first thing in front of Zhou Lianxuan: “Didn’t Dr. Zhao come?””Dr. Zhao has recently gone abroad for further study and will not come back for more than six months.The doctors at our hospital are excellent, and so are the others.”At the nurse’s reminder, Zhou Lianxuan helped Yan Yan into the office.The doctor examined the baby carefully and said, “This baby is as healthy as a mother.Based on mom’s condition, it should be in three months.You have to get ready for the baby.”Yan Yan looked at the child stretching in her stomach, hook up the lip Angle, good child is ok.Zhou Lianxuan mercilessly debunked the doctor’s words, “Mother healthy?What’s good about her, the way she looks?”The doctor looked at Yan Yan, who was not looking very well, and smiled shyly, “Mom’s indicators are normal. I guess her face is because she didn’t have a good rest.As a husband, you should pay more attention to your mother.”When Yan Yan saw that Zhou Lianxuan was a little unhappy, she smiled and said, “He is very kind to me.It’s only because I haven’t slept well that I look so bad.”After they left the office, Zhou Lianxuan said coldly, “It’s really fate.Maybe I’ll do a little bigger next time.”Yan Yan felt the child kick her foot, the child may feel Zhou Lianxuan’s attitude towards it, in protest.Although she disliked Zhou Lianxuan now, at least he did not prevent her from coming to the hospital for routine check-up.The above is the novel recommended to you book friends, if you are interested, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, if you like it, pay attention to me, continue to update every day.Wear book text: she wear adult shout dozen vicious female match, tearful push the plot, but washed himself white rich family abuse love text: “this child is really you” “kill the child, I believe you” quick wear text: she was hit by a car, but was quick wear system selected, from now on the main male task abuse text:”Ren Hao LAN, I got cancer” “even if you die in front of me now, I will not pity” through the field of text: she accidentally dressed into ugly village girl, fortunately there is spirit spring space, exotic herbs everything