High appearance level design + 28,800 yuan starting price, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV worth buying?

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In the domestic new energy vehicle market, which model has the highest sales volume, the result may surprise many people, it is hongguang MINI EV from Wuling Automobile. Take the sales volume in December of this year as an example, it topped the sales list with more than 55,000 units. Such a high sales volume is naturally due to its price.The starting price of 28,800 yuan to buy a pure electric car is attractive enough for us ordinary consumers.At present, Honglight MINI EV has as many as 14 models on sale, the official guide price of 288-48,600 yuan, in addition to the different configuration, there are also three yuan lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery two collocation, in terms of battery life is also different, the range of NEDC has 120km and 170km difference, a lot of choices are quite waste of mind.And this time we will take the 2021 Macaron fashion three yuan lithium version as an example, to do a detailed explanation for you, the current version of the price of 37,600 yuan.In terms of appearance, it’s cute enough to be a square box to our male friends, but more attractive to our female friends.In the front part, it is obvious that it adopts a two-color body, and the hood and the bottom panel are different colors. With the black decorative board on the wuling LOGO, the visual effect is very poor.In addition, the bottom of the front face is also designed with a black through the long bumper, with fog lights on the left and right sides.The headlamp is a relatively square shape, with a single lamp cavity structure inside. The surface is surrounded by LED daytime running lights. The headlamp is blackened at the same time, and a lens is added.In the side part, the body size is 2920mm/1493mm/1621mm, and the wheelbase is 1940mm. We can obviously feel its small size both in terms of data and body shape. Compared with other minicar cars, it has disadvantages in all aspects.But it also has the advantage of being more convenient to park.At the same time, the top of the side window and the bottom panel are also two-color matching, and the lower profile is higher, with its small 12-inch wheels, it looks quite cartoon, a bit similar to children’s toys such illusion.Tail shape and the front face have more similarities, such as LOGO in the same color decorative board, as well as the bottom of the same strip structure are matched with the front face.In addition, the rear windscreen is smaller and the same color design, creating a similar floating roof effect.And the rear bumper is the use of black decorative panels, left and right devices have square lights.Taillight and headlamp are similar design style, the shape of the square looks more cartoon, calculate is the finishing point of the tail.The interior is blackened to accentuate its texture.Interior design, instrument panel design is relatively simple, the collocation of black and white and double color make it not appear drab, but limited to the cost of reason, is not equipped with central display, but adopted a radio, air conditioning panel is composed of three knob, knob have design feeling very much, and the surface texture, not at the same time also passed through silver decoration, when using damping sense is very strong,Blind operation is convenient.The steering wheel is flat-bottomed and two-spoke, but it feels a bit too big for such a small car.Interior uses mastow respect, enter eye to see is to use hard plastic, nevertheless price is placed there, nature also cannot give those high cost to use mastow.In addition, the steering wheel is also exposed plastic, and there is no function button left and right, but a silver decorative strip is added in the central area. In addition, the seat is made of fabric, and only supports 4-way adjustment. Compared with the cost, such a collocation is reasonable.Besides receiving radio, the radio can also support mobile phone Bluetooth and listening to music, which can meet the basic driving needs. In addition, there is a button beside the radio to answer the phone.What’s nice is that it supports optional voice control, satellite navigation and so on.In addition, the meter uses a full LCD dial, which can support the display of gear, range, driving mode and reversing image and other basic functions.In terms of configuration, it is equipped with tire pressure alarm, ABS, braking force distribution, reversing image, driving mode switch, uphill assistance, remote keys, battery pre-heating, manual air conditioning, etc. The configuration is very simple, which is more suitable for short trips.Performance space, although it is only a wheelbase 1940 mm mini, but the layout of the inside is still adopted the two-seater chairs, practical experience of 175 cm around adults can sit in the front head one punch, keep unchanged in the front row into the back row, the head space remains the same, but only 4 refers to the leg, seem to be very short, is not conducive to the back for a long time to take.As for the back compartment in the normal state of the basic no, only after the back row can have a good carrying capacity.In terms of power, it adopts a rear single motor drive structure, with a maximum power of 20kW and a maximum torque of 85N·m. The transmission system is matched with a fixed gear ratio gearbox. In addition, this model uses three-yuan lithium battery, which only supports slow charging.The suspension frame is independent suspension of front Furson type and non-independent suspension of rear axle with multi-link.In general, The MINI EV is more suitable for short trips, which will be more convenient to pick up children and commute to work. The compact body can shuttle freely in the city, but the power performance is still a little meat, but in front of the affordable price, these are nothing to speak of.