Industrial investment adds impetus to development, and Huiyang’s GDP will exceed 75 billion yuan in 2021

2022-06-22 0 By

China’s GDP reached 75.041 billion yuan, an increase of 8.0%;The added value of industries above designated size was 41.471 billion yuan, up 16.2%;Investment in fixed assets reached 43.212 billion yuan, up 16.1%……Over the past year, Huiyang has delivered a good economic report card.Data from huiyang District Bureau of Statistics show that in 2021, huiyang’s total GDP will maintain steady growth, industrial production will accelerate growth, fixed asset investment will continue to grow rapidly, and the consumption market will recover growth.Industry and investment provide strong impetus for huiyang’s economic development.Huiyang district party committee, the district government to huiyang (like ridge) wisdom, science and technology industrial park, huiyang (fair) intelligent manufacturing industrial park introduced a batch of high quality project, two big park has revealed a prototype, in a large number of major projects completed and put into production floor construction, industry, capital expansion, transformation and upgrading of the strength, in the past year,The total output value of industries above designated size in Huiyang reached 163.085 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 23.1%, 22.1 percentage points higher than last year, and an average growth of 11.5% in two years.In terms of investment, industrial investment reached 14.177 billion yuan, up 35.8%, with a two-year average growth of 27.1%.These introduced projects will also become an important engine for Huiyang to break through the siege in the subsequent development.Next, Huiyang will support the development of enterprises.Last year, huiyang district, has introduced the huizhou huiyang district on some measures to support the development of the real economy, high quality “(hereinafter referred to as” measures “), from the lower construction cost, promoting small and medium-sized enterprise scale, etc “article 14 policy”, during the period of “difference” support the development of the real economy, high quality real gold and silver,It also contains the detailed implementation plan of “Doubling Plan” for The High-quality Development of Manufacturing Enterprises in Huiyang District (hereinafter referred to as “Doubling Plan”), which supports the whole process of enterprise development from factory establishment to growth, development, expansion and expansion.At the end of November last year, the 12th Party Congress of Huizhou proposed that efforts should be made to improve the level of Huicheng and Huiyang central urban areas.The report on the work of huizhou Municipal Government in 2022 proposed to support Huiyang District to build a “bridgehead” of deep integration and deep integration and bay, and to build a “intelligent highland · Vibrant Huiyang”.The direction is clear and the time is right to fight.On the morning of February 16, The 2022 Economic Work Conference was held in Huiyang. The conference proposed that based on the remarkable achievements in economic and social development last year, this year should further focus on the real world, promote transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve the competitiveness of the industry.Special epidemic prevention and control teams sent to enterprises to help resume work;District epidemic prevention and control emergency vanguard to strengthen the force of epidemic prevention and control team, as orderly “supervisor”……In the second working week after the Spring Festival holiday, all departments and enterprises in Huiyang have been working at full speed to prevent and control the epidemic and resume work and production at the same time, making good progress for this year’s development, despite the great pressure of COVID-19 prevention and control.