Spring day changeable vegetable farmers how to deal with

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Spring is the peak season of greenhouse vegetable growth, is the key period for its high yield.Agricultural expert analysis, the changes in temperature, air temperature change is big, vegetables to obtain high yield, management should pay attention to the following: PengCai management way to shift after the weather gets warmer, vegetables grow faster, branches and leaves gradually expands, lowered the inter-row ventilation pervious to light plant sex, especially lower easy to form a closed small environment, affect the fruit coloring, cause disease.Therefore, as the temperature rises outside, the way vegetables are managed must change accordingly.Not only to keep warm, but also to control the temperature to control the temperature, especially night temperature.It is recommended to ventilate early when the weather is normal. If the ventilation is not timely and the temperature of the shed is above 33 degrees Celsius, the fruit setting of vegetables will be poor.When the temperature of the shed falls to about 20 degrees Celsius, the vent should be closed in time for heat preservation, and the night temperature should be controlled to 13 degrees Celsius ~ 15 degrees Celsius.This is not only conducive to the transfer and distribution of photosynthetic products produced by leaves during the day, used to raise roots and promote tree growth, but also can increase the temperature difference between day and night, control the growth.With the warm weather, too much heat storage on the back wall of the greenhouse will cause too high night temperature, and plant nutrition consumption is large.Therefore, it is suggested to plant legumes on the back wall of the greenhouses, so as to make full use of the space of the greenhouses and weaken the heat storage capacity of the back wall.Strengthen fertilizer and water management with the rise of the outside temperature, the temperature in the shed, the ground temperature is also gradually increased, so we should strengthen fertilizer and water management, in order to raise roots and promote trees, make vegetables leaf fruit, improve output.After flushing, humic acid fertilizer and biological fungus fertilizer have little effect on soil temperature and light root injury, but their nutrient content is low, and it is difficult to meet the needs of rapid plant growth in warm weather.Therefore, water soluble high nitrogen and high potassium available fertilizer should be given priority to, with the amount of 8 kg ~10 kg per mu.In addition, more sunny days, enough light, the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the shed fell quickly, to timely supplement carbon dioxide gas fertilizer.After the warm weather, vegetables need more water, pay attention to the irrigation irrigation fertilizer interval is shorter than the low temperature season, generally every 10 days or so to pour water, it is best to use a combination of large water and small water watering.Timely pruning and branching, adjust the shape of cucumber, loofah and so on to timely pick leaves and fall tendrils.In order to prevent the overlap of the upper and lower leaves after falling vines, before falling vines, the lower old leaves should be removed first, and then fall vines after the wound is dry.In order to prevent pathogenic bacteria from the injured stem and tendril place invasion, can be in after falling tendril with chlorothalonil 600 times liquid mixed with agricultural streptomycin 4000 times liquid spray.Pepper, sweet pepper and so on every time after picking the main branch of the side branches in time thinning, removal of the inner branches and leaves, so as not to plant lines closed stasis.(Dingxing) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com