Why are locals afraid to swim in the Amazon?Just how scary is this river?

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The universe was originally a chaotic whole, expanding through the alternation of matter and energy inside, until the pressure of the whole increased to a critical point and finally exploded.The matter and energy from the explosion recombined to form the various celestial bodies in the universe.The earth is one of them.As the earth’s tectonic plates move violently, chemicals in the crust collide with each other and react to produce hydrogen. The pressure of the gases inside causes hydrogen to float to the earth’s surface, forming the original atmosphere.The atmosphere protects the Earth from massive amounts of radiation and impacts from outer space, and oxygen is also formed.Hydrogen and oxygen react under the right conditions to form water molecules, the source of life.With the gradual accumulation of water, oceans, mountains and rivers were born.The Yellow River in China is the cradle of life for the Chinese people. It has nurtured countless animals and plants around it and brought about a brilliant civilization of more than five thousand years.Located in the northern part of South America, the second longest river in the world, the Amazon, also creates endless prosperity.But beneath the calm river, the waves are so rough that even the local people are afraid to swim and play in the river. The reason behind this is worth investigating.The Amazon river flows at a rate of 220,000 cubic meters per second, covering an area the size of Australia.With more than 10,000 branches, it contains more than seven times as much water as China’s Yangtze river.Such a wide distribution of rivers certainly contributes to the birth of life along the way.The Amazon river basin is mainly distributed in the tropical rain forest, the water flows through the rich vegetation, the diversity of the large forest, nourishing more than 7 million square kilometers of land, also supports millions of species of animals and plants.One of the most popular is the freshwater fish of the tropical Amazon, which attracts thousands of tourists every year.In addition to hosting countless life forms, the Amazon river is famous for its landscapes around the world.Because its mouth is like a giant suona, when one wave after another comes, the water is squeezed and piled up into a wall head, 800 kilometers long and up to five meters high, a natural phenomenon known as a tidal surge.Amazon ancients cloud: “August 18 tide, spectacular world no.Kunpeng water hit three thousand li, group practice changdrive one hundred thousand fu.”The collision of water waves such as a long rainbow consistent day, the momentum towering, unstoppable.The tidal bore of the Amazon rivaled that of the Qiantang.Different reaches of the Amazon correspond to different depths.In Brazil and other areas of the depth of about 46 meters, up to 91 meters.Because of its large volume of water and rapid river flow, the speed of more than 2.3 meters per second.The Amazon river bed, especially during times of flooding, rises sharply, to about 15 meters deeper than usual.Once a creature accidentally enters a river, all that awaits it is death.Scientists have been studying and testing it in order to find a way to save themselves at the moment of sudden accident.They wrapped the water instruments and cameras in fishing nets, but found the nets were torn and several equipment were badly damaged.In the concrete research found that there are many dead trees and boulders accumulated over the years at the bottom of the river.The surface is rugged and, because the river is close to tropical rain forests, dead trees float on top of the river, making it difficult for scientists to carry out their work.The Amazon food chain proves that this river is incredibly difficult to salvage.Of course, this is just a common natural factor, but the reason why local people are afraid to go into the river is the fierce wildlife below.The Amazon sustains hundreds of square kilometers of land and supports a vast food chain with a huge diversity of life.There are some animals in this food chain that make people shudder.The first fearsome creature is the piranha.Piranha is a member of the piranha family, also known as pilar fish.They are not good looking creatures. They are on a par with Chinese street sweepers.Piranhas have sharp teeth and are extremely fast, and when an animal falls into a river, the fish quickly attack and devour it.These fish have been seen tearing a 1,000-kilogram cow to pieces in a matter of seconds.After the obidos shipwreck in 1982, thousands of piranhas attacked passengers and dished their bones into their abdomens. Only skeletons were recovered.They’re one of the least impressive and fiercest animals in the Amazon.Anaconda The second species is anaconda.Anacondas are the largest snakes in the Amazon. An adult anaconda weighs 440 kilograms and is about 10 meters long.They spend most of their time underwater, leaving only their breathing organs exposed.Rivers are difficult to detect because of the silt they contain.It is a natural swimmer, mainly on land animals for food, some anacondas will also eat crocodiles, elephants and other large animals.Anacondas are non-poisonous and will use their body’s powerful wrapping power to suffocate their prey before enjoying a meal in safety.But historically the number of anacondas attacking humans is very small, which means humans are safe as long as they stay out of the way.Black Caiman The third fearsome creature is the black caiman.The fiery crocodiles, which can grow up to five metres long, blend in with water and usually reveal a pair of eyes, making them adept at concealing themselves.And it has a hidden skill of its own. Ordinary crocodiles are known to be good at parading, but have a hard time walking through water.Unlike the black caiman, it can switch from swimming to walking in extremely fast time, increasing its speed so that it can catch prey more quickly.They lurk motionless beneath the water, and as prey gets closer and closer, they swoop in at just the right range to kill it, leaving no time to react.Conclusion The reason why humans dare not set foot in the Amazon is because of the rapid current and the large and fierce animals in the river.Although these animals are ruthless in their pursuit of prey, they show a “Buddha nature” when facing humans.Because human beings are not the food they need, every animal has its own territorial consciousness, once it touches the counterscale is bound to be attacked, as long as human beings do not provoke at will, very high probability will not be hurt.The destruction of the Amazon Forest Nowadays, the plants and animals in the tropical rain forest are disappearing rapidly because of human deforestation, and many of them have gone extinct.Humans are afraid of them, and they are also afraid of humans. We should have a peaceful relationship with nature, and not harm them for the sake of the present.Once they disappear, so will the concept of a community of common destiny.