High yield and abundance fertilizer, not a good fertilizer

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Liaoning black soil abundance fertilizer high-yield miracle!Urea formaldehyde process, humic acid chelation, quick dissolution, no residue.The total nutrient of high-yield and abundant fertilizer was 48%, 26-10-12.Using urea and formaldehyde process, humic acid chelating fertilizer, fertilizer effect can reach 120 days, nutrient release step by step, quick effect, medium effect and long effect, early stage is not long, nutrition enough in the middle stage, late stage does not take off fertilizer.Smart, controlled, and able to release energy based on the plant’s nutritional needs.Colloidal adsorption, fertilizer utilization rate of more than 60%, labor saving, labor saving, increase production, increase income, fast dissolution, no residue.Liaozhong farmers use the abundance of fertilizer kind of corn, see this big stick, bar!People say that there are too many uncertain factors in farming. Drought and typhoon always add to our chaos. We are afraid that after a big storm, corn and rice will fall down.The new rural areas in the north recorded a strong performance of maize varieties with abundant fertilizer after the typhoon, which was called a cow!Features: 1. Not only nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, but also rich in trace elements, more comprehensive nutrients, more scientific collocation.2. Adopt advanced production technology, high purity, and add high-quality humic acid, can improve soil, improve fertilizer utilization rate, increase crop cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance.Applicable crops: corn, rice with excellent effect.Black land agricultural endowment fertilizer still which good ah?That’s a much older benefit!Proved to use land and agricultural materials “abundance” brand urea formaldehyde slow-release compound fertilizer (humic acid boil type) looks like the corn field great everyone know this year bad terrible drought in some areas, the corn dry crops but with the “abundance” brand urea formaldehyde slow release compound fertilizer is not affected by drought is growing very good root developed stronger abundance composite such a deep fatThe whole season does not take off the fertilizer “feng du” brand compound fertilizer, the production process is excellent, the content is sufficient.Because of the good characters, not only can improve the soil environment, enhance microbial activity, prevent soil compaction, but also according to the different growth needs of crops, gradually release nutrients, to ensure that the early period is not prosperous long, nutrient is sufficient in the middle, and late period does not take off fertilizer.Especially in the drought years, can highlight his advantages, with the same variety, the same plot, the same period, with “Abundance” brand compound fertilizer, compared with other fertilizer corn field, each plant can die 2-3 less leaves, for the later increase in yield laid the foundation!Special reminder:Abundance “brand compound fertilizer, big brand, high quality, the price, suitable for all crops are distributor, agent of choice for urban and rural areas is the broad masses of farmers friend’s eager to use the abundance of fertilizer, soil in the whole season not to take off fat can guarantee, such as production caused by fertilizer toy factory company pay land and small program has been launched in full scan the qr code below into our land and county” and see it!