Qingdao government money to free change gas hose this detailed rules please close

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Letter network on January 30 (reporter Li Meiyu) gas safety concerns thousands of households, about economic and social stability.In order to effectively ensure the safety of gas use by the masses.In 2022, Qingdao issued the Work Plan of Indoor Rubber Hose Replacement for Residential Users of Natural Gas Pipeline in Qingdao, and the work has been fully started.What are the benefits of stainless steel bellows?According to the staff, one is stainless steel bellows can be used for 8 years, and rubber hose use 2 years need to be replaced, compared to rubber hose, stainless steel bellows longer service life.Second, stainless steel bellows are made of stainless steel. Compared with rubber hose, stainless steel bellows will not appear aging, cracking, rat bite and other hidden dangers of gas, which is more safe.Three is the stainless steel bellows and gas pipeline connection is more firm, will not fall off, compared with the rubber hose pipe card fixed, more reliable.Free replacement.The replacement of rubber hose is a measure taken by Qingdao city to benefit the people. Related costs are subsidized by municipal and district finance, and gas enterprises are in the bottom pocket. Users do not need to bear material costs and replacement costs.As long as your home is a resident user of natural gas opened before December 31, 2022, and the connection pipe between the stove and the pipeline is rubber pipe, you can enjoy the benefit of Qingdao.Please the majority of users polish eyes, alert to replace bellows in the name of the door to charge illegal personnel.How to replace the hose?When replacing the hose, if your kitchen is embedded stove, it will be replaced with stainless steel bellows for you;If it is a desktop stove, you will be replaced with a metal coated hose;At the same time, the original single head plug is replaced by a ball valve that can measure pressure inside and outside thread.In the process of this replacement, if the distance between the gas pipeline behind the meter and the cooker in the user’s home is more than two meters, the gas company will transform the gas pipeline behind the meter and transform it to within two meters of the gas cooker before replacing the hose.During the drilling, reaming work involved, will not damage your cabinet.When can I change it?Hose replacement work has begun and will be carried forward batch by batch.For the community to carry out the replacement work, Qingdao Energy Group will be in conjunction with the community, the property 1 week in advance notice users, 3-5 days in advance at the door of the unit posted specific replacement time notice, the city’s citizens friends according to the notice, take out precious time to stay at home with replacement.The first round of centralized replacement should be completed before July 31, 2022. From August to December, 2022, centralized solutions should be carried out for users who are not at home due to long-term absence of gas enterprises in the first round of replacement work, so as to ensure that they should be fully installed.It is understood that the installation personnel of the replacement work are organized by Qingdao Energy Group to carry out formal training, training qualified after the post, to ensure that the work of high quality and high efficiency.Users in the city can also check the identity of the staff through the public number of Qingdao Energy Taineng Natural Gas Company, but also ask users to supervise our replacement work, if found substandard and other situations, you can call 96556 to report.In the whole change of jobs, as a zone of gas supply for the unit, Qingdao Thai can gas co., LTD. Qingdao energy group is responsible for Qingdao city gas users hose change jobs more than millions of households, will always be strictly controls the material procurement, construction change quality, huimin service attentively, make sure the replacement operation quality and efficient completion, real gas to protect the safety of residents in Qingdao.